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What does a man search in a woman ?

After reading this news , I’ve wondered what men look for in a woman, especially the one he chooses to make his life with. Look at Usher and his ex, Chilli and Naomi Campbell. Now, look at his fiancee. Isn’t there anything that strikes you ? It’s a bit like  having to choose from the most expensive and beautiful diamonds , and then settle for a little piece of junk worth nothing (Ok, I’m awful. Maybe Tameka Foster is a wonderful person, not like those bitches Naomi and Chilli).

Besides that, physically, Usher’s fiancee look like his mom. That would mean men look for a younger ( sometimes not) version of their mom in a woman. It may sound creepy, but since I heard testimonies from many men about the striking resemblance between their mom and their wife, it is a fact.

Look at your mother-in-law. Do you get along well with her? Why? Do you have many common points with her?  One of my friend is married to one of the most ball-busting bitches I’ve ever met, but he told me he fell for her because she has the exact same character as his mom. Another man I know chose his wife because, like his mom, she’s shy and discrete, and love travels and books. B., a 42 year-old investment banker, fell in love with his boss, who’s ten years older than him and already had two kids from a previous marriage. B. has dated a lot of women before settling down with his boss, and it was clear for his entourage that B. fell for that woman because she reminds him of his mom.

Of course, some men fall for the exact opposite of their mom. A., a 34 year-old analyst, is married to a woman very down-to-earth and rational. She’s a mathematician. His mom is on the contrary living like a bohemian and believes in many mystical stuffs.

But in the end, if the woman of their life is a version or the opposite of their mom, men always relate to their mom for picking the object of their affection, don’t they?