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Fighting in public

Some couples always argue, some other never do. It depends a lot on our character.  Some people hate conflicts and make everything possible to avoid them, while other love to provoke and cause a fight.

Within the category of people who love to fight, we can find another two categories: those who argue in public, and those who try to keep things as private as possible.  For the first case, sometimes, couple used their argument to spice up their relationship (a least a little bit). But sometimes, it’s also a sign that their couple is declining and on the verge of breaking down . J. , a 34 year-old journalist, kept on arguing with her man at the office. As a witness of their multiple arguments, I feel really ashamed for her man because she always tried to bring him down in front of every one. I don’t know if she did it on purpose or just unconsciously.  She was angry at him because he constantly forgot things. Two weeks ago, she decided to leave him and to take the sole custody of their daughter.

At the gym down our building, there’s a couple who’s  also always arguing in front of everyone. But this time, it’s different. They fight because Madam is particularly spendthrift and Mister has a too busy schedule. But usually, their arguments are immediately followed by a big laugh.

With these kind of couples who fight in public, you always feel like you know every single details of their private life. It’s always embarrassing for you. But it can be helpful for your couple too.

Have you seen The Break- up ? This film has produced a curious effect on some couples who did see it (not because of Jennifer Aniston nor Vince Vaughn). A woman I know said that her man realized he didn’t treat her right  after seeing that moving with her. So he changed his attitude towards her. 

When I watch another couple arguing, I feel a little bit of empathy for them, but I also relate to my own couple. Do I treat him right ? Does he treat me right ? are the kind of questions that pop into my head at these moment.


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