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Stick like glue

Some couples can’t do a thing without each other. If they have to be separated for one reason, then it’s a drama. They’re like these birds called agapornis : if you separate them, they will die.

Usually, these couples are pretty young. When they grow old, they tend to get a little more independent from each other. Last year, on French television, they aired a French version of the show  Temptation Island which was incredibly funny (it wasn’t supposed to be) . We had four couples who seem to come from outer space. There were the shav/ shavette kind of couple, the big macho/ submitted partner type, the sex crazy guy/ muscular lady, and the agapornis.  This last couple was the very kind of couples who cannot live without each other. During their stay on the island, they kept on crying all the time because they were separated. The girl was kind of retaining herself from crying, but the guy was like a fountain, absolutely ridiculous. Three days before the end of the adventure, they couldn’t stand being separated anymore, so they chose to quit the show. For those who watched that show, we all wondered how this couple is doing in the every day life, if they need to separate to go to work for example.

Around me, I know one example of the agapornis-like couples. But I know more of a another type of couples, where one of the partner is totally dependent on the other, while the other is not, or not really. By dependent, I just mean that he/she cannot live without his/her partner.  A. is a 34 year-old journalist who declines every press trip he gets because he doesn’t want to be far away from his wife. C. is a 32 year-old nurse who cannot stand doing anything without her man, so they do every thing together: shopping, sport, … Her man received recently a promotion where he has to work during the week-end, so it’s now a drama for her, and they fight a lot because of that.

Do you consider having such a partner a gift of God or a poisonous gift ?