It’s a man’s world

Today is International Women’s Day, don’t forget.

As a financial journalist, I work in a men’s environment. And it’s not always pleasant, but I don’t have to complain much.

Since I’m still young, people give me a hard time because they don’t necessarily take me seriously when they don’t know me. But, with time, I received a sort of respect in my profession because I proved them wrong. That’s my little pride.

But I recognize being a woman in such a man’s world is causing me some problems. A journalist from a rival newspaper once asked me how it feels to be a woman in the world of finance. In fact, I don’t bond easily , unlike my male colleague, with all the analyst/ fund managers/ investment bankers… I interview because let’s say it, I don’t like football and sports in general (except tennis) , I couldn’t care less about cars and about other male stuffs.  It’s quite helpful to know these subjects of conversation when you’re invited for a professional lunch or dinner. But so far, this hasn’t blocked me in any way.


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