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What irritates you the most in your partner ?

There’s always something wrong with your partner, let’s face it. But if he/she was perfect, life would be boring  with him/her.  Besides, everyone has defects. The one who pretends to be perfect is a liar. But when it comes to men and women’s defects, you always hear the same complains.

For the men, their lady usually complain about these things:

  • untidy: they  like to leave their  socks everywhere in the bedroom, and don’t know the meaning of the word cleaning.
  • selfish: when it comes to give a hand to their lady, they’re too preoccupied with their computer or their playstation, or everything else. Some forget everything when there’s a football match on the TV.
  • Queen of the drama: when they’re sick, they’re acting like if they were going to die, even if they just catch a cold. When they cut themselves, for example with a sheet of paper or a little knife, they act like if they have an hemorragia.
  • immature: Even if they ‘re 40, they act as a 4 year old. They still behave to their mommy, and let their wife make all the important decisions. They replaced their old toys by cars and all sort of gadgets like cameras, mobile phones, …

And for the women, their partners always complain about these things.

  • undecisive: if they have to make a choice, usually, it takes years for them to settle for one choice.
  • Too picky: no comments
  • obsessed with their appearance:  They always complain about being too fat or having nothing to wear.
  • Too demanding: They always ask their men how they feel about them. If they forget their birthday, it’s a drama.

Too spendthrift or too skinfling, too shy or too exhuberant,… are also defects that irritate some people.


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