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Bad habits

When you are single , you take some habits that are hard to break if you stay single for long. Who never enjoy the privilege of living alone for a short period of time, maybe even more?  You can do whatever you want without having someone to care about.  For example, women can shave or wax themselves in every piece of their home while if they were in a couple, they would lock themselves in the bathroom to avoid their husband’s look (it ‘s the kind of things that can kill love) . Some would wash their bras and let them hang in the bathroom or everywhere in the house, while if they were living with a man, they wouldn’t dare to try.

For men, celibacy is quite a golden period.  They’re still dependent to their mommy: a friend of mine, who’s single at 32, still let her mom wash his clothes, …. Usually, when you go into their apartment, it’s messy. There are piles of dirty clothes and garbage everywhere. They ‘re too busy going out or watching football with their mates  or playing with their playstation.

So, when single persons decide to break their celibacy to live with someone,  it doesn’t go smooth on the first weeks/ months/ years of cohabitation. It depends on how long you stayed single and living alone. If you stayed single quite a while, chances are the cohabitation with the object of your affection will be a bumpy road.  T. finally found love at the age of 37, but she stayed single for a long period. She got fond of her own company and of her cat’s company.  She has established a certain organization in her house, so everything has to be in its place otherwise she’s angry. So, when she moved in with her partner, she fought a lot with him in the beginning because he hasn’t put for example the box of cookies in the right place. It took times for her to put water in her wine. But luckily, her man has been a model of patience with her, and now, they  fight less and enjoy their life together.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work that well. If you won’t renounce to your bad habits and your partner isn’t patient, you can become single again.