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Why men don’t understand when they have to let it slide ?

Because I’m not married ( yet) , I realize that men think I’m still available. I get approach in meetings, bars, … all the time. But I’ve always turn them down by mentioning right away that I have a man  or telling them to get lost (if they really don’t understand they have zero chance with me) .

Sometimes, it’s more delicate. When I was  in college, I turned down a guy who wasfollowing the same courses than I. He was really nice with me, until I told him I was already dating someone else.  He became then very mean with me, constantly making fun of me in front of everyone, and wanted to make  my student life a living nightmare.  People I didn’t know in my college thought I was just crazy, because he told everyone so.  He also bet I would never be a journalist.  Too bad I’m a journalist for the most intellectual and specialized newspaper in my country right now ( and he’s struggling as an independen journalist relating problems like neighbour conflicts ,…) . Who ‘s laughing now ?

One of my friend didn’t resist the pressure  when she was in the same situation than me. At her office, one of her colleague kept on harassing her, and, instead of taking the case into court ( it’s a case of moral  and sexual harassment), she just resigned and quit her job.

It’s always difficult when you have to deal with this kind of situation. I know that in big enterprises, they have strict rules on these matters. Unfortunately, when you work in a smaller company, trade unions and employees rights are less present, so , for the woman who endures the harassment, it can turn into an endless  nightmare.  


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