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When love holds promises

The best moment of love, it’s when you climb the stairs” said Georges Clémenceau .  Do you agree with that?

What really makes a  love relationship? Hopes and fears, happiness and pain, expectations and disappointments.  In the beginning of a relationship, we all spend time discovering each other. What we discover about the other determine the sequel of the relationship. Sometimes, we’re disappointed about what we found.  But there’s something exciting about this moment,  when we decide to yield to the other.

Some people only live for this moment. We call them ” in love with love”.  Generally, it’s more a male phenomenon. I’ve heard a lot of bad experiences from my female entourage regarding this kind of toxic men.

J., 34, met a man in a professional meeting and they instantly clicked.  But curiously, she found out that, unlike most of the men she met before, he was constantly delaying the moment when he would kiss her.  Eventually, after they slept together,  he just told her it was over.  She discovered he was doing the same approach with many other women.

Fortunately, this kind of guys are more of an exception than the norm.


2 thoughts on “When love holds promises

  1. I didn’t think I would ever meet a man just like that guy that J met because I have been very cautious in the past. But some of them can be very tricky. I was duped, but I didn’t let him go without a revenge.

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