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The sweet taste of revenge


When women get betrayed by a man who pretends to be someone else, or get dumped like a piece of trash,  some of them take their revenge on the guy. I’m no exception to that.  When I was 18, I got dumped for another girl by an arrogant guy who thought he was better than anyone .  I spotted my ex’s  new object of affection and told her what a jerk he was. She dumped him right away, and he got a little depressed after that . This episode still puts a smile upon my face when I think of it. Ah, sweet revenge…

One of my friend broke up with her lover because she was tired of his double life ( he was seeing two women at the same time)  and his numerous promises of dumping the other woman for her. Of course, he never did.  The problem was that my friend knew about the other woman, but the other didn’t have a clue about her. So, my friend just told her everything, and got lucky her rival was furious about it and didn’t forgive the guy. Because sometimes, things don’t turn that way.   Some people would do anything for love, including forgiving a cheating partner.

Why do we act like that? I remember when I was 18 all my difficulties to forget what my ex did to me. So, my revenge help me to turn the page.  My friend points out that her act  of vengeance towards her ex was a payback. “He turned me down , so I didn’t see why I couldn’t do the same to him”  she said.

Of course, there’ s no reason to deploy efforts like that for a guy who treated you right. But if the man is a real bastard, it’s such a pleasure to have a revenge on him.


5 thoughts on “The sweet taste of revenge

  1. Revenge is a dish best served cold, that’s how the saying goes right. I’m always torn about revenge. I know everyone dererves a little taste of their own medicine sometime. But I believe that people reap what they sew. They always say that taking revenge on someone will cause you to grieve for a longer time, because not only to you remember the event, but you also remember the revenge you took, thus remindgin you again, of why you got revenge.

    It’s sad when men cheat on their ladies. I just don’t understand it. I’m sorry things happen to you the way they did. And above all it you’re going to dump someone let it be for a good reason.


  2. Ramone says:

    I came across this blog entry today due to an infuriating well of emotions. I had created an alias to cast my revenge on a man i thought i loved whom had broken up with me. I ended up admitting to him what i had done, and in the end we still were broken up but attempted to be friends. That is until today when i got an instant message from my alias! Talk about anger and revenge haunting you forever! I thought he was mature, maybe he isnt if he had to open an old wound of remorse up! Even worse is if he had someone he knew do it.

    Totally Over it!

  3. marck.69 says:

    YES.!!! you are absolutely right, something similar happened to me. And I´ve thought that he was in love madly with me…I really appreciate your story, I hope you are better now. Cheer up..and remember that there´s nobody more important in this world than YOURSELF.!!!!!

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