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Betrayed by your best friend

What do you fear the most in your love relationship ? There are many scenarios we wish not to happen , and in among them, there’s your best friend’s betrayal.

Losing the love of your life because he left you for your best friend is probably the worst case scenario. First, because you lose the object of your affection. Second, because you lose a shoulder to cry on, aka your best friend.

In one of my previous job, I got along well with one of my female colleague who told me everything about her sentimental life. She was sleeping with her best friend ‘s man , and developed treasures of imagination to find excuses for her friend when her lover and she weren’t available for her. Her friend didn’t notice anything because she had a very demanding job. But, one day, she got fed up working from dusk till dawn and changed for a quieter job. And of course, she started realizing what was going on between the two closest members of her entourage.  So, she confronted them, and my ex -colleague had to tell her the truth.  Her  best friend didn’t want to see them again. End of the story.

Sometimes, for a reason, the betrayed friend forgives one of the cheaters.  T., 32, discovered that her man was cheating on her with her best friend. But she wasn’t surprised at all by that because her man was such a Casanova with women in general. He already cheated on her several times before, and she always forgave him. This time, she had enough. So she told him to get out of her life, and chose to forgive her friend instead.  They are still friends now, and her best friend wouldn’t dare to betray her again (that’s what she told me).

R. ,29, chose to keep her man and dump her friend in the same situation. But, unlike T., her man wasn’t a Casanova. She had more of a problem with her best friend. “Each time that I was dating a man, she was trying to seduce him. I realize I couldn’t trust her anymore. A real friend would never do a thing like that to you”  she  explained.

Which option would you choose in that situation ?


14 thoughts on “Betrayed by your best friend

  1. alluringbutterfly says:

    That would be a hard one. I probably wouldn’t do either. I would get rid of em both. I mean I might keep the friend in my life but we wouldn’t ever be the best friends we once were.

  2. “Losing the love of your life because he left you for your best friend is probably the worst case scenario.”

    I beg to disagree on that statement…my friend Alice, her husband left
    her for her sister. I think that is the worst case scenario. LOL.
    But anyway, after five years, when the husband and the sister’s relationship ended, Alice forgave them both.

    I think I will do the same, forgive them, but remind myself not to trust them, EVER!

  3. April & 100 words: you made a point. Forgiving is one thing, but trust is another.

    April: well, I thought also about the sister. But if you aren’t close to her, it hurts more when it’s your best friend who betrays you.

    Alluringbutterfly: if you keep that friend in your life, and you don’t trust her anymore, she’s not a friend anymore.

  4. sillygirl says:

    I am in that same situatation also. I dumped my friend, stayed with my husband because of the financial security (I am a stay at home mom of 2) Long story short, this happened 2 years ago and I still don’t trust him at all, and I am so paranoid it could happen again. I don’t have any parents anymore, or a best friend, but If i had, i would have dumped them both!! It’s just not worth the mental anguish!

  5. Stephanie says:


    It’s all the media’s fault for giving this false images of hoes and money, and of course we as people/society don’t know any better.

    That leads to girls/women to portray that image, not respecting themselves !! how is it that men cheat !?! men will cheat at any cost !! If women were to respect themselves men wouldn’t have the opportunity to cheat on their wives/girlfriends/loves …

    i think in order to spot this us “women” must get to the core of the problem !! the media !! brain washing us and of course us for not having the strength to stand against it

    But since all that is slightly and utterly irrelevant, My parents had cheating issues, I’ve even been cheated on.To be honest is the only real key to trust and keeping your relationship. Once your love one lies, get rid of him !! and don’t think about keeping that girl/disrespected girl near you !! she’s a low blow of a friend. ❤ i wish all women going through this like silly girl the best !! i pray that you will get a marvelous break-through !!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    The media’s fault? Well, it certainly conducts a biased vision about women, and it can influence us. But if you cheat and betray your best friend, it’s your fault. We are responsible of our own acts. You are quite radical with your solution, but hey, if it brings you peace of mind, you have reason 🙂
    Let’s wish Silly girl the best!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Brooklyn says:

    ok uhm i think that best friend is the worst case sceniro because if you arent close to your sister or maybe you dont know her or just dont have a sister a best friend would hurt more.If you get into fights or break ups your best friend should be there to comfort you.Not start flirting with him until you’s go out and leave that girl with a broken heart.=( i know exactly what it feels like and it hurts like hell but you have to move on and let him matter how much it hurtd you.

  8. Hi Brooklyn,

    You’re right,a friend is there to comfort you when you break up badly with someone, and not flirting with your ex behind your back. It’s not the definition of a friend… Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Shanna says:

    I have just been betrayed by my bestfriend ,its a pain you cant discribed and I keep asking myself and trying to figure out how could she done such a terrible act without even thinking about her action.I am so full of anger inside but there is a voice saying I should forgive her cause she had done me a favour to get involve with this loser I have been dating for the past couples months.I am just abit comfused how can someone you trust inflict such pain ,the worst senerio I See them everyday and I feel like moving from that appartment complex but that wont make sense since she work at the same hospital.I cant forgive her and even if I forgive her there is no way she is going to be my friend.

  10. Hi Shanna,

    It’s difficult and heart breaking to be betrayed by the ones you trust. Don’t force yourself to forgive your friend right now. Just let things pass, and then, let her explain what she did to you. You might forgive her or not after that, but at least, you would understand why she did that.

  11. lohop1234 says:

    Just found out about a close friend going on behind my
    back with my estranged boyfriend ..We had been working
    on getting back…Who would have known other than
    my “best girlfriend” that she was calling and emailing and
    both were attracted to each other “in; the name of friendship..” I confronted it and said GO AHEAD, IT’s already happening anyway…” Now they like to use that
    statement as PERMISSION..PLEEEEEESE..
    It was already happening and I found out and confronted
    it..Either way I WAS IN: THE MIDDLE…Who wants to stay
    and work things out with someone if your girlfr. is
    waiting in the wings or sharing whatever with your guy.
    Heart Broken , Distrustful, BUT WISER…

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