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A promise is a promise

Some men are professional liars (some women too, I agree). They lie about everything, their marital status, their job, their earnings,…  Sometimes, it’s just to impress women.  Some have even elevated lies to an art.  But sometimes, it hides a real problem. We call these people mythomaniac.

For the first category, many women I met told me that these men use and abuse of the same sentences: I promise/ I swear. And they never keep them. T. ,35, pursued a three years relationship with a married man.  He promised her that he would divorce his wife to start a family with T.  But after two years of such promises which never materialized,  T. threatened him with an ultimatum: either he leaves his wife, either she leaves him. ” The problem was that he gave me numerous reasons why he couldn’t leave his wife: she was sicked, she just lost her parents, she would be devastated, he feared her reaction, she ‘ s mentally fragile and this could kill her,….” she explained. “The more I warned him about leaving him, the more he would come with a dramatic excuse” she added. So, after another excuse of this kind, she decided to dump him.

R., 27, told me her man always swore he was faithful to her. “He was spending a lot of time with one of his female colleague at work , but he always swore it was strictly professional between them”  she said. ” He also spent a lot of time with a girl he met at the gym, but swore she was just a friend” she added.  R. eventually found out he was having an affair with both of these ladies.  

Of course, some men made promises they can keep. But some of my friends, who met such professional liars, told me that they promise too much and they swear too much everything. ” An honest man would never do that” one of my friend explained.


4 thoughts on “A promise is a promise

  1. Yes, I would have put a comment from some men, if only I had some men’s testimonies. Men have told me about another problem they often encountered with women. I promise and I swear 🙂 I ‘ll make another post about those trouble women.

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