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Don’t get me wrong

Women complain in general about one thing in men: their bad faith. I’ve heard multiple testimonies about this and my man is no exception from the lot.  You blame him for one thing he did and he simply denies everything, or worse, accuses you back of the same thing. 

Example n° 1: The household Chores

If you don’t have a cleaning lady, you probably take charge of the household chores by yourself and alone.  I’ve read somewhere that 30 % of men declare helping their ladies when it comes to these. But only 10% of the women recognize that their man really give them a hand for those tasks.  One of my friend told me that she does every household chore by herself, but sometimes, her man gives her a hand for that. “ Generally, he just  screens the house like a governor would do , focusing on little details, like for example a corner that I didn’t clean , while I’m doing everything else. He doesn’t really realize what I’m doing for this, and blame me for forgetting something while he just lift his finger from time to time”  she explained.

example n°2:  the arrangement

He’s really messy and leaves his stuffs everywhere in the house. But if you once don’t have time to arrange yours, he would blame you for that.

Example n° 3: The bed.

He snores all the time while he’s sleeping (the woman whose man doesn’t snore is one lucky lady) but if you can’t stand it anymore and tell him about it, he would deny it. Worse, he will point out that you  snore too (even if it’s not true). One of my friend said that her man pretends that he doesn’t sleep, so it’ s impossible  for him to snore.

This also applies for the car (you cannot drive a car because you’re a woman, but he’s a terrible driver),  a map ( you cannot read a map, but neither does he),…


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