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A box full of surprises

At the office, one of my male colleague often complains about women in general , saying that they’re like a box full of surprises. You never know what to expect from them. I often reply to him that he just doesn’t have a clue about women in general…

And besides, women aren’t all unexpectable. OK, sometimes, we do something that surprises  everyone. One of my friend, who was a model of classicism in the way she acted and she dressed, suddenly change everything and started wearing edgy, colorful clothes when she changed her man. She was married to an analyst, and left him for her hairdresser. We were all surprised by her sudden change. Since then, she’s been faithful to her new look and attitude though. She said she has found the real her.

But among all my female friends, none of them can really surprise me on a regular basis. We change because we grow old, it’s normal that we’re a little different from what we used to be ten or even five years ago.

I bet my colleague says this because of his wife. I often hear him screaming at her on the phone  at the office ( we work in a open space), for a reason I don’t know. But I often hear this sentence: “Oh no, you didn’t do that?“.


4 thoughts on “A box full of surprises

  1. Ah, yes, women… we like to be “full of surprises”, mysterious, and dramatic at times.
    And some of the changes we go through can be blamed on mid-life crisis.

  2. I don’t understand the way women think either. I’m not a woman and I just don’t think the same way as they do. However, that isn’t a bad thing. Women are the eternal mystery and I’m thankful for it.

  3. April: It’s clear we live in our own world, and that men are often surprised or curious about the way we act.

    Tommy: I hope that the way we think isn’t a bad thing !

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