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The grownups playground

At the office, I often observe things between some colleagues that instantly reminds me when we were in high school. Back then, we used to hang out in group, fall in love with every guy in the school/ or just focus on one we know we could never have. We used to have a school whore, the one who slept with all the guys in the school. We could be fierce with a rival just to get one guy. Some girls had their admirers/ court…

At the office, it’s the same. Except that kids come into the equation now ( sometimes) . In my company, we have our office whore: she has slept with every single male available and now I hear them talking about what she did with them with many, many details.  We have two couples who fight all the time. We have single colleagues who try with every woman in the company (and who has been turned down by many of them) . I see a female journalist having her admirers/ court and making everything possible to keep it. The freshly arrived journalists are the objects of all attention. Some of them, who are single, are looking at you as if they want to undress you with their eyes. I know some people in the company who are secretly in love with one of their colleagues, who don’t have a clue about their feelings. I saw one of them helping the object of his affection for a project and got nothing in return.

I observe some colleagues having a very close relationship. They always talk together about many things  but stop immediately when someone joins them. My team is making fun of me because a guy from another unit always comes to my desk to ask me many useless things for work and another one is acting like the coyote chasing the roadrunner that is me.

And the older people in the company don’t necessarily act wiser than their younger counterparts.


8 thoughts on “The grownups playground

  1. charitycase says:

    God I hated school..all the drama! I was always the friend..the one who so badly wanted a boyfriend but always got snubbed by the cooler girls.

    Now that I am older I have spent all my time trying to find the “ONE” and have had my heart broken more than ever in this persuit. Part of me wishes that I could just let go and not want it so much…but its part of me!

    I am just a needy romantic and trying to figure it all out and be honest is hard.

    I blame highschool for my love virus!!!

  2. Charitycase: I didn’t like highschool in particular either. I hated so much the so-called popular girls in the school, who were stupid, spoiled and also not the prettiest girls in the school.

  3. charitycase says:

    I know…Funny how they never kinda look as beautiful once they leave school…hey!!!
    have added you as a link and hopefully when my blog gets a bit more action i will pass more stories on to you.

    Its good to have gals like you out there looking out for all the heart broken ones…giving them some perspective.

  4. Honestly, I think the same thing would happen if you worked at McDonald’s. The head fry cooker having an illicit affair with the new cashier. The line cooks sticking together and not letting anyone in on their private jokes. The person who replenishes the soda fountain trying to show off their wicked good “soda fountain replenishing” technique in order to impress everyone else.

    No matter where you go, these things happen. It’s just the way it is.

    Good post.

  5. 100 Words:

    Whores are always fun until you get that misterious red itchy patch down below. HOLY COW…where did that come from? Happy whore hunting to you. LOL. kidding.

  6. Tommy: Of course, you can find the same stories in every company. It’s just the way it is… BTW, thank you!

    100 words: Our office whore is now off the market (she just gave birth to a little daughter and seems to have calm down). And besides, she may be too old for a youngster like you (30 isn’t that old). She’s 42 now 😉

    Alluring butterfly: Ah yes, the STD…

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