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Inverting the roles

With the evolution of mentalities, I’ve noticed some strange developments in men and women’s personality. Some men have accepted the female part of their personality and exploit it, while some women go into a territory that was until now exclusively reserved to their male counterparts.

Personally, I’m quite puzzled about those changes. I don’t appreciate that much having a man who uses more beauty products than I do, and who goes more often to the beauty parlors to get waxed or their nails done. R. , a 32 year-old teacher AND heterosexual (it’s important to point that out) , is constantly preoccupied about the softeness of his skin, especially the one on his hands and on his elbows. In the morning, he spends more minutes in the bathroom than his female roommates, who often complain about this.  He’s also very peculiar about the clothes he wears, so he like shopping a lot and often complains about having nothing to wear.  But curiously, he must be a good lover, given the numerous ladies who are turning around him, because of what his ex(es) told them about him.

And for ladies too, some changes don’t please me that much either. Tomboys have always existed. I do admit I was a tomboy when I was a little kid, because I was hanging around too much with my cousins. But it has changed. It’s not the case for every woman like that.  One of my male friend told me about one of the girl he used to date. “She was worse than a man”, he said.” She liked football matches, and whenever there was a match on the TV, she will watch it from A to Z. If I had the misfortune to interrupt her during the match, it was immediately a drama. She was also swearing a lot. I was horrified to have a lady like that” he added.

On the other hand, I find some changes positive, like for example the fact that (some) men put aside their career to take care of their kids. And also that women reach higher posts of responsibilities in their job.  


12 thoughts on “Inverting the roles

  1. There’s a good number of “metrosexuals” in NYC. They go to stylist (to get highlights) instead of a barber, they exfoliate and moisturize, and shop for designer fashion like women do.
    I personally don’t find them sexually appealing (methinks they are on the brink of being gay), but I do appreciate their neatness and personal hygiene, and of course their refined behavior. (If only real men can have the last three traits I’ve mentioned… but then I would miss the “shifting and adjusting” thing they do down there. It’s fun to watch!)

  2. I’ve never understood the whole “Metrosexual” thing. Seriously, it takes me about 10 minutes to get ready. All you really have to do, as a guy, is be neat, presentable and look like you know how to take care of yourself. Oh, and smell good, which is easy (shower, deodorant and then a little bit of cologne).

    I’ve got better things to do with my time than stand in front of a mirror.

  3. April: I don’t find these metrosexual guys very attractive in general, but when I look at David Beckham, my opinion changes a little bit…

    Tommy: Of course, the most important thing for a man, in women’s eyes, is to smell good and look clean. It doesn’t take hours to get to that result.

  4. I hate it when the guy looks better than I do. Whats up with that.

    I do appreciate the whole messy, just out of bed but still put together look. That’s HOT! Not this buffed nails, clean shaved all the time, and the perfect greased up hair….not for me! It seems that a guy can look the best when they don’t even try too hard then if they spend hours trying to look hot.

    Me, when I don’t have to put on the makeup for work…I get out of the shower, throw on some comfy clothes, flip the hair for a quick run of the dryer and there ya go….PERFECTION! ha! It seems if I go out like this…I can’t more guys coming up to me at the bar than if I spent all that time getting ready. Maybe it’s because they feel sorry for me. LOL.

  5. AB- I’m guessing that it’s not about feeling sorry for you.

    Sexy is a state of mind, not a style of dress.

    The first part of being sexy is being comfortable with who you are.

    If you’re out with friends and you’re relaxed, comfortable and in a friendly mood, guys will pick up on that.

    It’s not pity, it’s a smart choice.

  6. Heh. In my house, I’m the one spending too much time on the computer. I guess that says a lot about the state of the union in my household……

    Hang on, there was a man who thought it was a bad thing that his girlfriend liked football? Now that’s a turn up for the books…

  7. Alluringbutterfly: Some guys really hate women who worry too much about their look.

    Tommy: You have reason, as usual 🙂 Sexy is a state of mind, it’s not in the clothes you wear.

    Vanessa: Girls have the right to love football, as long as they stay feminin, you know what I mean? If the girl starts to drink beer like a man during the match, swears, spits, … I can understand why my friend was disgusted by her ex.

  8. Um, well I do swear a bit and I do often drink beer when I watch football…. and I would call myself feminine.

    I guess she must have been somewhat extreme. Either that, or he was really uptight and a bit of a chauvanist.

  9. Vanessa: I don’t really know my friend ‘s ex. So I had just his version. Maybe she was not that terrible and rude, but who knows what guys really like about women.

  10. I think it’s a very difficult thing to generalise about. Everyone has their preferences and sometimes even they don’t come into play when it comes to attraction…

    It’s individual and often inexplicable.

    Every man I’ve been with has enjoyed the fact that they can enjoy a beer with me and just generally relax. I guess that’s just what those men like in a woman.

  11. Vanessa: Yes, it’s hard to generalise what men like in a woman. Some love when their woman care a lot about their look, while others prefer when she’s more carefree. I know some guys who are traumatized by women with short hair, and other who just ignore brunettes “because they’re all ugly and they smell bad”. But these guys are just simply idiot.

  12. Hah! Idiots indeed. I’m a brunette/redhead and I smell lovely! hehe. I personally find that I’ve never had strong preferences like that. I’ve been attracted to all shapes, sizes and types. Except, I’m with you on not so much liking men who take longer than me in the bathroom…

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