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Men and their computer *

Is it easy to date and to live with a geek ? Not really. According to many women I know, the geek seems to like his computer better than his woman.

But first, what is a geek ? According to Wikipedia, there’s no definite meaning about it. I would define a geek like a person, generally a man, fascinated by his computer, intelligent (far beyond the average) but therefore asocial.

Living with a geek is quite challenging for a woman. It can be boring too. C., 34, used to live during three years with a man like that. She left him for someone else because she was tired of waiting for him. “He was constantly playing with his computer. I felt neglected. The first thing he did when he woke up was turning on his computer, and the last thing he did before sleeping, at 3 or 4 am, was to turn off his computer. We didn’t share a common life” she explained. C. realized her geek wasn’t the right guy for her after a tragic episode. Shortly before the end of their relationship, her mother passed away. “And when I was mourning my mom’s death, he asked me if I could welcome one of his friend, who just got dumped and was sad, to cheer him up.  I thought I was in a nightmare” she said.

These guys are sometimes too busy with their computer(s) to figure out what’s going on in their entourage’s life.  That’s what happened to B., a 35 year-old IT specialist. He spend every night playing at World of Warcraft ( a very addicting game, according to several people) while her wife was surfing on the other computer of the house. She told him she registered to Meetic to chat with other net surfers. One day, one guy from that website proposed her to meet him, and she accepted. She left B. straight away after meeting the guy to live a romance with him. And B., to comfort himself, played even more to World of Warcraft.

But some women enjoy the geek ‘s company. “When I met J., I knew it wouldn’t be easy to live with him, but we tried. I insisted that he follow certain rules with me. He cannot play on his computer past 8 PM and has to reserve a day in the week-end to spend on various activities with me” H., a 34 year-old teacher explained. “So far, it has worked well. And a least, I know where he is and I don’t need to fetch him at bars, drunk,  like some women have to” she added.

So, is the geek a good partner ? It depends on how geek he is…

*or their playstation. 


7 thoughts on “Men and their computer *

  1. Shae says:

    I’m quite proud to be married to a “Geek” because I don’t have to worry that his at a bar somewhere getting wasted per your entry. We spend a lot of time outside gardening, walking, or just enjoying the warm weather with our daughter. Oh, we even play an online game together on our spare time. Life is good with a geek!

  2. I can understand the allure of the computer. However, when there’s a chance to spend some “quality time” with your girlfriend, turn the damned thing off.

    If the woman you’re with isn’t as interesting, fascinating or challenging as some game, chances are she’s not the right woman for you.

    If the guy you are dating knows the exact location of every single “power up” in a game, but can’t find your G-spot, dump him. His priorities are out of whack.

  3. Tommy: some guys can’t understand they have to privilege quality time with their girlfriend over their computer. I’ve been once in a Mir convention in Paris (France)- Mir is a computer game BTW- and all the guys there aging from 12 to 45 year old (and over) were mostly single. Some of them told me that Madam had left them because of their fascination for that game. Isn’t that sad?

  4. It is sad. Really sad. Sad in the way when people die alone in an apartment and nobody notices for weeks until the smell permeates the halls.

    I had a buddy once who was heading down the same path, spending way too much time playing games on the computer. The only way I could snap him out of his habit (more like addiction) was to put things into perspective for him. I was as blunt as possible about it and said, “No matter how much time you spend playing, no matter how much you want it, no matter how much you care about it, no matter how much you yell, scream, bribe, beg, plead, desire or try to convince the computer of it, that game will never give you a blow job”.

    It seemed to work.

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