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Keep on running back to you

Sometimes, we act like masochists and we don’t know why we keep on doing the things that make us suffer. We’re just trapped into our feelings.

This would explained why some women keep on running back to their lover despite the fact that he’s the most horrible person on this planet or he’s just clearly not the right guy for them.  You must have a really strong character to get out of a relationship like that. If you’re not, it is really difficult.  But sometimes, events or a good advice give you the strength to leave that toxic guy for good.

V., 35, used to be madly in love with one of her colleague. But he wasn’t faithful to her at all. She dumped him on numerous occasion, but each time he just begged her to take him back .  And she did. As they were working in the same building, it was easy for him to trap her. “I was like hypnotized by him. Each time I had the courage to leave him, he would pursue me and I was too weak to tell him to beat off” she recognized. “But one of my boss noticed what was going on between me and him. One day, that boss came to me and made me a proposition to work for a division of the company in an other country.  I realized I was given an opportunity to start a new life, so I accepted the proposition” she said. Her ex did try to connect with her when she took her new functions, but the distance helped V. to avoid running back to him again. 

H. ,32, got also trapped into a relationship like that.” The problem was that I really loved him, but he just made me suffer each time we were together. I was either hurt with or without him. So, every time I decided to leave him, I just came back straight away with him because I couldn’t live without him” she explained. “One day, I had a conversation with my aunt who was visiting me who told me about her past experience and how she took control of her life to get out of a difficult relationship. She helped me realize I was losing myself, and I had to take my life back in control”  she said.

All the good things must come to an end. But all the bad ones too.