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Something for the week-end



5 thoughts on “Something for the week-end

  1. That video totally creeped me out. It’s like some hippy cult had a talent show and that act narrowly beat out the guys demonstrating their massive hacky sack skills.

    I’m scarred.

  2. charitycase says:

    OKay so i already left this comment but thanks to Africa and its AWESOME ly fucked up internet speed you didnt seem to get it:

    I say fuck fuck fuck fuck bloody africa and slow internet…i so need some cheering up from my friend modobs right now!!! BUGGER

  3. Tommy: Ok, the video isn’t great, but it’s exactly like the one Bjork did. But the song is very infectious. And Feist is a weirdo just like I like it.

    Charitycase: Hope your internet connexion will get better in Africa..;)

  4. I still think it’s kinda scary. Then again, i still have nightmares from a half time show I saw once by the “Up With People” troupe.

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