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When feminists frighten men

Feminists have evolved since the movement started back in the 19th centuries. Before, our grand-grand mothers used to fight for the right to vote and be considered as equal as men. But now, things have changed a lot. And some developments kind of worry me a lot.

I have sometimes the impression, when I meet a so-called new feminist, that they really hate men and try to evacuate them from the world. An example ?  The French language differentiates just by adding some letters the male and female words, but for some professions, there’s no differentiation. So, a group of academicians are now working to find a female equivalent for each profession. Personally, I couldn’t care less about this debate. Don’t we push too far the right to be treated as equal as men?

There’s also a lot of bad jokes about the uselessness of men. Have you ever noticed those T-shirts saying Stupid factory and other delicacy of this type. 

I know that it’s just a joke, but for women, it seems that this is more than a game. When I look at the modern feminists re-known in Europe, Jeez, I wouldn’t want to be the man who’s dating them. They’re so aggressive, you have the impression that if you talk to them (especially if you’re a guy), they will immediately bark at you.  A friend of mine once explained that he wanted to break the ice with  one of his colleague, who was re-known to be a fierce feminist. He complimented her about her clothes and the way she looked, but all he got for a reply was a slap in the face.  Since the incident, he avoids her like the plague.

OK, some male aren’t delicate with their sexist jokes.  But the feminists’s sexist jokes aren’t delicate either.

If you’re a woman, what’s wrong with being treated with all the regards you should receive?  I do enjoy when men hold the door for me, help me getting out of a car, pay for me at the restaurant ( just on the first date, though) ,…

Tommy, you wouldn’t disagree with me, no ?


4 thoughts on “When feminists frighten men

  1. No, I wouldn’t want to get slapped. HA!

    Seriously though, I think that, whenever there is a hot button issue, for each individual trying to promote equality and understanding, there is a counterpart who is trying to exploit the issue for personal gain.

    I think that certain factions of the feminist movement have forgotten what all of those brave women who started the movement were trying to do. They weren’t trying to gain an advantage in society or to seek payback for years of oppression. They were trying to be treated as equals because they are human beings. They were trying to remove gender from the political process so that everyone stands on level ground when decisions are made that effect everyone.

    As far as common courtesies go, they are just that, courtesies. They are meant to be nice gestures to show the person you are with that you do care about their safety and well being. That’s all they are.

  2. Yes, it seems like some factions of feminists have completely forgotten about the sole and unique goal of the movement: promoting equality between men and women.

  3. Ralph DeMattia says:

    Ever since the “women’s” movement, have you noticed things in our society are getting WORSE? I’m not saying at all that girls should not be allowed to reach their full potential in any endeavor, but thins like Title IX that make schools and colleges devote as much money on women’s sports ad they do on men’s is laughable. Very few women’s sports generate anywhere near the same level of interest or money that men’s ports do, and the pro level is even worse. People are simply not going to spend $100.00 to see women’s basketball, or most women’s “pro” sports, with the possible eceptions of Tennis and golf, which are way down on the popularity list for men anyway. Let a sport or activity be funded in direct relationship to it’s interest level, and if women’s activities are not drawing the fans, that’s the way it is, and women have to accept that, and that seems to be what the feminists CAN’T do.

  4. That’s a complex subject you’re bringing here, Ralph DeMattia. But again, it’s another proof we’re pushing too far the right to be treated as equal as men.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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