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Damned, I’ve been tagged!

Aprilfool challenged me to post “five freaky things you never really want to know about me”. So, here it goes:

  1. I was a heavy smoker  and drinker until the tender age of 20. I gave everything up because I met the man of my life (who ironically is a heavy smoker) and I was sick all the time. Curiously, I don’t miss that much cigarettes and alcohol.
  2. I’m a brainiac who try desperately to hide her real personality by acting silly all the time.
  3. I mentally  harassed my ex-boss who’s the biggest asshole I’ve ever met.  He had a thrombosis because of me.  If my chief editor didn’t transfer him in another unit, I seriously think  I would have murdered him. In fact, I have a big problem with authority.
  4. I’m a terrible driver. I cannot park my car properly. If it’s possible to take public transportation instead, I will choose this option.  I’ve never admitted it in front of my friends or my man.
  5. I realize I know a lot on my friends and family, but they don’t have a clue about me.  My best friend always tells me I’m her biggest mystery.  In fact, I don’t like to talk that much about me.

Who should I tag then ? My little Frauke, 100 words, Shae, Liguified, WishBoNe,  it’s your turn.


6 thoughts on “Damned, I’ve been tagged!

  1. modobs:

    Thank you for playing along…

    I guess you started the habits at an early age. Good thing you quit.

    I don’t mind driving as long as I don’t have to parallel park especially here in the city where space is prime.

    Yeah, modobs…why all the mystery? Oh, I forgot, you’re a woman! We like to play that game.

  2. frauke says:

    Oups, only saw the challenge today, been not internetting so much these last days… 😉

    I promise I ll answer, but give me a few days to allow my creativity to bloom… I love talking about myself, but when I m asked to tell something special, nothing comes to my mind… so let me think a little 😀

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