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The turtle and the rabbit

I wasn’t expected to write about this topic at first, but  after reading my comments about the previous post I wrote, I thought it would be a good idea to say a few words about our ability to rush or on the contrary to slow things down in a relationship.

Recently, a friend of mine announced she was getting married and would welcome in six months a child with her future husband. I was quite astonished by the news, since she started a relationship with her man only three months ago. Before that, she stayed in a ten years relationship with another man, but didn’t marry him nor got pregnant with him.  She told me she had the impression she has met “the one” this time.

My friend met her future husband through a birthday party organized in one of her colleagues ‘ house, three months ago. Shortly after, they began dating and she got immediately pregnant. They decided to keep the child and to give their relationship a chance.

My friend is quite impulsive, but this news still surprises me. She’s not the only one who rush her relationship, though. C., 32, moved in her man’s apartment only one month after they started dating. T. , 34, accepted to marry her man only two months after meeting him for the first time. B. ,29, chose to expatriate herself to live with a man she met in a meeting  only one month ago.

In fact, these women are risk taker. But some, on the other hand, prefer to slow things down.  Another friend of mine waited for four years before starting a relationship with her man. They waited another nine years to get engaged. She met her future husband while they were at school. They were friends before they started dating. G.,  34, told me she need to know the guy before they start a relationship. “I could never get involved in a relationship with a total stranger . It kind of freaking me out” she admitted. ” So, I usually get friend with a guy before things get more serious between us” she added.” And, besides, the guy who accepts to wait   for me proves me he doesn’t want just to have sex with me” she said.

The speed of our relationship depends a lot on our character. But, yet, I wonder which kind of couple have a better chance to last.


2 thoughts on “The turtle and the rabbit

  1. Hahaha…when I read the title of your post, I thought you were talking about vibrators (rabbit) and turtle (another term for an “easy woman”).
    Sorry about my dirty mind…I blame it on the rain that has soaked the Northeastern part of the US since Sunday.

  2. April: Hahaha. In Europe, and particularly in the region where I live, the rabbit is more a duck (“the Sonia”, named after the one Sonia Rykiel did) . It’s been a huge commercial success so far. And for the turtle, I didn’t know about this expression.

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