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On beauty

Beauty is so subjective. You can’t be beautiful to everyone. It’s a question of personal taste”  my mother said to me when I was a kid and crying because all the other children in the school told me I was ugly.

I was recently confronted with this subject again after a long discussion with one of my best friends. I’m a size 6 (or 8 in the UK) , but yet I’m not satisfied with my weight and body. Typical of a woman… By respect for my friend, I would not mention her size. She’s just a little bit over mine, that’s it.  But she’s tall, so her so-called excess weight isn’t obvious.

I really find her beautiful, but she’s obsessed by her weight. She says that she’s not attractive in a man ‘s eyes. That’s why she’s always single. Maybe it’s because she has too many negative thoughts about herself. But it’s certainly not because she’s “fat” (like she says) .

Many men I know prefer voluptuous women instead of a breadstick.  Recently, with a group of friends, we were watching a TV show about Hollywood and their stars. My male friends were appalled when they saw how thin the  majority of the female stars were. “They all look like skeletons” one of my friend said.  But they were all speechless when Scarlett Johansson appeared on TV.

Of course, there will always be idiots to treat you like a fat lady and to tell you you look disgusting. But usually, these guys aren’t exactly what we call an adonis.