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Keeping the mystery

Do you remember that episode in Sex and The City when Carrie Bradshaw is embarrassed after farting in bed next to Mr. Big ?  Personally,  I understand completely this situation, because I would be embarrassed too if I had to find myself in an  “uncomfortable situation” in front of my man.  This really goes far: If I have to shave, make a beauty mask with yogurt, cucumber and all other ingredients not really appealing, and all the little things we do when we’re a woman, I would lock myself in the bathroom.

My female friends generally agree with me on that. My best friend even says that’ s a part of a woman’s mystery.  Another friend of mine says she  could let her man buy her tampons, wax, etc… in the supermarket, but never let him watch while she’s using those. “Even worse, I wouldn’t want him to fell accidentally on my used tampons or pads, and a towel covered with my blood . That’s just disgusting”  she told me.

That would mean she has to clean the garbage and often change her towels when her periods come (in French, we have a special expression for that, which translates into “the English are disembarking”) . 

The same thing applies for underwears.  But this applies too for the men. How sexy is a man with a totally worn out boxer ? How sexy is a woman with a tired pants ?

The truth is, for some people, that we do all these silly stuffs because we fear our partner would love us less if we let ourselves go too much.  But  he doesn’t have to know how we get to that perfect “natural” look.

The question is now what’s really ridiculous and what’s “normal” about those girl stuffs  a woman could hide from her man.