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Trophy men

I often hear about trophy wife or trophy girlfriend, you know, the kind of women who are physically perfect and that male like to show around like a trophy. But I start to hear about trophy men too. Isn’t it a good sign that we’ve arrived to equality between sexes ?

Lately, I went to a meeting with several of my female colleagues but also various women evolving in the financial world. One of them, who was sitting at my table, showed us her latest conquest. She’s 42, very successful in her career as a publicist, and she has landed a 25 year-old boyfriend. A model, BTW. She’s reknown to be a slut, so there’s little doubt she has chosen her boyfriend for anything else than sex and the thrill of dating a younger male.

Younger male for a mature lady can be qualified as a trophy men. But it can appear in other forms too. N. , 43, has always looked for powerful men. She was  previously married to the CEO for the Benelux of a famous  international company. She was the mistress of a famous banker in Europe. She dated recently a CEO from a industrial company. N. told me that she likes showing around her man. That’s why she chooses only the “top of the top”.

It’s not  only the mature women ( 42 year-old isn’t mature for me, though) who look for that kind of men.  I remember when I was in high school those girls who wanted to date a specific guy because he was THE guy you have to date to increase your popularity.  He wasn’t the most handsome boy in high school, but he has the car, the money, the popularity,… that made him a priced trophy. When I was in College, one of the other students only dated extremely good-looking guy.  She told me it was her only criteria to date a guy. Of course, she was disappointed with each guy she dated because she found out she had  nothing in common with them. But she also told me she liked showing around with that kind of guys because it made her look desirable.

But is this kind of relationship, purely based on physical criterias,  sustainable? I have big doubts about it.  When I think about the “it-boy” in high school, I think also about his many, many feminine conquests. The guy in question used to have a heavy turnover of girlfriends, and for what I heard about him recently, this hasn’t changed a lot.


7 thoughts on “Trophy men

  1. If a woman hooks up with a trophy man whose looks (seriously handsome) are “out of her league”, what do you think will happen?

    I think she will just feel insecure and would often wonder if he is cheating on her.

    This reminds me of a post you had not too long ago about Usher being engaged to his hairdresser…

  2. A woman with a man out of her league ? Will it last? No, I think you’re right.
    For Usher, since the guy seems pretty much interested in fashion, getting engaged to his hairdresser/ stylist isn’t a bad idea. At least, they have something in common 🙂

  3. Hell yeah, that’s awesome! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

    Now this is awful but there’s a nineteen year old boy at my gym…my trainer says he suspects he is still a virgin. Yes, my mind has been going there!

    I can totally see myself having this sort of relationship as I age. The problem is, while I’m in my thirties, I look to be in my twenties, so if I were to go younger, you wouldn’t see a stark contrast.

  4. Haha, Stiletto! What strikes me the most with these women in their forties is that they’re really active and confident. They don’t use the guy for their money, but generally, it’s for the power, the “youth” and of course the sex they go for it.

  5. Hmm, I never thought of using young guys for anything beyond a little – ok I lie – A LOT of good casual romps. The power? Is there power in bangin’ boys half your age? I didn’t realize that. Unless you mean ego stroking?

    I think a lot of older women are frustrated with men their age going after women half THEIR age so…you know how it goes!

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