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A strange attraction

I bumped very recently into an old friend of mine. When we were younger, we used to hang out a lot, going to bars and many of the local rock festival in my country. When I say local, I mean very very local. Not the type of festival where you could find famous rocks bands like Green Day, The smashing pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age,…  My friend used to be such a groupie for those local bands, though. She has dated all the lead singers of each of those bands.

Those guys weren’t superstars, but they acted a bit like if they were one. One of them used to collect girls and gave each of them a note in his agenda depending on her skills (not the musical one, BTW). One other wore more make-up than me on stage and in his everyday life ( but didn’t know the word make-up remover). Another wore weird stuffs he considered like his amulets. (I later learned that the teddybear head he was carrying around his neck all the time hid his secret weed stock) . In other words,  they were the exact opposite of the guy you would present to your parents, except if yours are a bit like the Osbourne family.  

But these guys attracted girls like sugar would attract ants. A friend of mine told me  that she cannot understand those women who fall for the ultimate bad guy, like Kate Moss fell for Pete Doherty.

“They ‘re the weirdest persons you can find on this planet”  she said.

They have a weird fashion sense “  she told me.

They’re surrounded by women all the time. I would die of jealousy if I dated one of these guys. Plus, they have a love story with drugs and alcohol”she said.

But my old friend who used to date rock dudes told me she fell for them because they carry a certain ideology. And besides, I don’t know why, but women seem to prefer bad guys over the good ones.  So, isn’t the rocker considered as the ultimate bad guy?

Personally, I can understand Kate Moss and my friend. I’d been for a long time fascinated by the lead singer of Tool.  


10 thoughts on “A strange attraction

  1. I’ve been out with many, many bad boys/rockers. I had quite a thing for them when I was younger. Thankfully I grew out of it, but I still appreciate a man who can strut – just from a distance these days…

    I don’t mean that just because some guy is the lead singer in a band, that he’s attractive. It’s in the eye of the beholder, but there is something attractive in general about the musically talented. That said, I’ve been heard to say more than once, “He’s a musician? Forget it…” Heh.

  2. Yes, Vanessa, there’s something attractive in general about the musically talented. Especially the guys from a rock band, whether he’s a singer, a guitarist, a drummer, … The lead singer just get more attention than the other members of his band, so it’s quite normal he attracts more ladies. Except if he’s not gifted by nature (physically speaking) 🙂

  3. This is something I’ve never understood. What is it (or could it be) that a musician possesses that would make him a better lover/mate/companion? Pulling out his drumset or keyboards during a romantic stroll? I can (almost) understand if he’s a singer, but not from the Steven Tyler/Mick Jagger model.

    Then again, I suppose it’s as much about the self-confidence of someone who’s willing to “put it all out there” as anything. Of course, that would make Chippendale’s dancers the focus of even more attention. 😉

  4. Firm, I believe there’s something to do with the ability of a musician to write the most beautiful song about the love of his life. Personally, I would be flattered to have a song like that written just for me. Of course, if the guy tells in his song that he would like to kill me, this doesn’t count.
    But that’s not the only reason. I was fascinated by Maynard James Keenan because I found him terribly sexy, weird, and extremely talented (yes, I know, I have a weird taste in men). It’s something I can’t explain.

  5. I’ve had a couple of songs written for and about me and even though they weren’t actual love songs, it still made the men who wrote them more attractive to me. Even if it wasn’t meant to. The same can be said for poetry.

    Chippendales are NOT sexy! haha! Good grief… [shudder] I’ve never gone for the buffed type. It’s more about the way a man carries himself, but there is a fine line between being a poseur and being confident and comfortable in your skin.

    It’s ok, modobs. I have weird taste in men too…and Firm, that goes hand in hand with liking men with weird taste 😉

  6. Vanessa, I share her view about Chippendales. There’s nothing sexy in a guy who consciously does his four hours a day of gym and who has better hair than mine. 😉 Eeeeewwww.

  7. “and Firm, that goes hand in hand with liking men with weird taste ”

    All of the men reading this just let out a sigh of relief.

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