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Best before …

A friend of mine just got dumped for a younger version of herself. I feel so sorry for her, especially that at 32, I don’t think she ‘s that old.  But hey, men are sometimes driven by other things that their head, unfortunately.

We’re not equal at all with the men on beauty. They have the right to get fat, old and to have white hair and wrinkles. We find that these details add to their charm. While for women, if we let ourselves go too much, the result is immediate: we will be dumped for a young chick” she said to me bitterly.

In fact, this phenomenon she describes is scaring me a little bit. Around me, I have many examples  where the man leaves his wife for a woman who could be his daughter.  C., 24, cut recently all contacts with her father after he started dating a girl of her age.  And she told me that many of her father’s colleagues, who is a surgeon, were involved in that same kind of situation.  How come ? Well,  her father and colleagues have to work with young nurses and sometimes young patient. “They’re too close from the temptation” she said.

I heard the same story with teachers and their pupils, even if some countries, such a relationship is forbidden. But that’s what makes the relationship  exciting for some people… Besides, some men move sideways to get to their goal. T., 34, told me that her husband waited his student ended her high school to start dating her.

However, I know that all these men used to be womanizer before they got married. So obviously, marriage didn’t calm them down. C.’s father used to have many affairs while he was still married to his wife. My colleague slept with many women in my company before getting married. T.’s husband wasn’t reknown to be faithful to her.

But still, my friend made a point: do we have an expiry date and when does it happen ?

Even in my office, I observe this phenomenon. My closest colleague ( his desk is just next to mine), who’s 53, is turning around another journalist, who’s 32, like a bee around a flower.  He got married only three years ago with another woman, though.  I suspect them to have an affair, even if they deny everything.  But everyone in the office has noticed what’s going on between them.


9 thoughts on “Best before …

  1. 32! Old! That’s ludicrous.

    I was saying to someone just the other day that I think men who like very young women are emotionally stunted and must be terrible, selfish lovers who only want some ‘eye-candy’ to look at whilst they get their rocks off.

    Any man worth his salt, knows that women improve with age, in almost every way.

    These women are better off without these horrible men.


  2. @Vanessa
    I agree, there are still men who want eye-candy all the time and that’s why they don’t treasure the current and put expiry dates on the women they are dating after they spot another nubile nymph.

    It’s only when they reach a certain phase of life, i.e. dying soon, they realised that the woman who has always silently supported him in everything is no longer with him.

  3. Vanessa, I agree with you, these men are just selfish idiots. I read once an interview of David Cronenberg who explained how he liked watching his wife and him growing old together. I found this so sweet.

    WishBoNe, I don’t know if these kind of men really realize their loss. One of my friend told me her father left her mother for his young secretary, and now he’s terribly ill, he still doesn’t want to hear about his ex-wife. His secretary is taking good care of him because she’s a golddigger and she’s the first on the list to inherit from him, before his children.

  4. @modobs
    David Cronenberg is one rare breed 😀

    The only way he were to wake up is that he gets cheated of all his money and realised at the last minute that he should have treasured his ex-wife instead.

  5. Hehe, WhishBoNe, like what you can make creepy movie and still be sensible…

    I don’t know if my friend ‘s father would change his mind. I’m not that optimistic.

  6. That’s fucked up! I suppose though I’m sort of a younger version of my boyfriend’s wife. Although our personalities are completely different we are both mixed and he’s drawn to that.

    But speaking from a normal dating standpoint, it’s good and well that your friend found out sooner rather than later. BTW, she herself ought to consider plucking up the boys in their twenties.

    Also, how can she be sure he dumped her BECAUSE of her age? It could be purely coincidental, no?

  7. Well, Stiletto, if you saw the new conquest of my friend’s ex, you would understand. She looks exactly like my friend, but she’s in her twenties. That’s odd ,isn’t it ?

    But for my friend, I would suggest her to find other guys than womanizers rather than plucking up boys in their twenties.

  8. What if he’s a rich wonderful sexy boy with personality in his twenties?

    I guess I am still confused…so does the new conquest have a fresher skin tone or something? I mean, if they look exactly alike, what’s the difference?

  9. Haha, Stiletto, maybe I should suggest my friend to find this extremely rare pearl. But she would surely face a lot of competition 😉

    They look alike, but her younger version is, let’s say it, more fresh physically speaking than my friend. Too much partying, drinking ,cigarettes, sun… have already done some damages on my friend’s skin. So I guess that’s a warning signal for her younger version.

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