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The biggest lies you told to score with someone

Honesty often pays off with some persons, but when it comes to seduction, sometimes, this quality can harm us.

Let’s be honest. When you flirt with someone and you want to score with him/ her, do you tell you the truth about yourself, or do you improve a little bit the reality?

I know that lying to your date tends to disappear with age and maturity. But it’s just a trend, everybody ‘s not following it.

When I ask this question around me, I get various answers but these can  be easily ranged in different categories.

  1. On physical appearance: Most of women who are complexed by their weight lie a little bit about it. Y., 34, told me she pretends to weigh less to her partners.
  2. On your civil state: One of my friend lied about her real age. She always says to her partners she ‘s younger. I. 34, pretends she has never married, but she’s divorced. Y., 32, has a child but says the contrary.
  3. On the first time you met:  R. ,29, told me she pretended meeting accidentally her date. In reality, she set up a plan to meet him and make him notice her in a party by spilling her drink on him.
  4. On your past: U., 36, volontarily hides her past sentimental life to her new lovers because she’s ashamed of something she did in her early twenties.
  5. On your experience: Ha, it’s always tempting to say you’re a sex expert while your real experiences in that domain only sums up in two different partners.

It also applies for religion, personal tastes,…

Of course, if your partner isn’t stupid, he/ she will uncover you.


12 thoughts on “The biggest lies you told to score with someone

  1. I think a lot of people do it during a first meeting for the sake of self preservation. If you lie about your age, weight, financial status, experience or whatever during your initial meeting and you get rejected, then you can always say that the person rejected the image you were presenting and didn’t reject the “real” you.

    Very few people have the confidence necessary to risk their real selves with a complete stranger. It’s easy to put up a front as a way to shield yourself.

    The thing is, lying is a no win situation. If you lie and the person accepts your image as the truth, what do you think is going to happen when you’re exposed for who you really are? What’s the point of meeting people if you set yourself up for failure from the very start?

    Just be honest and see what happens. If they dig you, then far out. If not, move on.

  2. Tommy, some lies have no big consequences for your partner. If you lie a little bit on your weight or how you try to get him/her, chances are he/she’ll forgive you.

    On the other hand, if you don’t tell him/her you’re married, that’s another story.

    Of course, it depends a lot on the confidence we have in ourselves. It take really guts to be honest with your partners, and that’s a quality I appreciate.

  3. Who goes around telling people what they weigh on the first date? I don’t tell anyone, ever. None of their business! If you want to know what I weigh, just look at me. Can’t be a lie in that…

    I don’t see the point in telling lies to make yourself sound “better” than you are. You will only be exposed, and even if you’re online, that means there is a charade you must keep up. End up being caught in your own web of lies and have to live with the fact you are living a lie. Stuff that…

    On the other hand, your #4 is not really lying. I know there is a fine line between omission and not telling the truth, but everyone is entitled to a few secrets, no?

    #3 is pretty common, I think. And, so what if it wasn’t accidental. Same outcome, right?

  4. Yes, of course, nobody tells what they weigh on the first date. But when it comes to your appearance on that particular day, some women use multiple tricks like push up bra, slimming underwears and stocking. One of my friend told me that when she put all that off in front of her new conquest, he was really disappointed.

    Besides, being honest with your partner is much more rewarding when you score. That shows he likes the real you, not the artificial one.
    I don’t consider either the point n° 3 like a lie. But for n°4, it depends on the secret you hold.

  5. Ahh, I see what you mean. That’s funny about what happened to your friend. It makes that man she was with look pretty stupid! Had he never seen a naked woman before? The poor girl, though. Did he tell her he was disappointed? That’s quite a blow to the ego…

    Your second point is spot on. I find it difficult to pretend to be someone I’m not, so I’ve never had to deal with a man having a false impression of me.

  6. Yep, for my friend, it was quite a blow to her ego. Her conquest didn’t tell her he was disappointed, but she told me she could clearly see his disappointment on his face.

  7. Ha, and for having to deal with a man having a false impression of yourself, that can happen even if you try to be honest with him. I didn’t pretend to be someone else with one of my ex, and yet, he didn’t expect me to be like I am.

  8. Let’s be honest. When you flirt with someone and you want to score with him/ her, do you tell you the truth about yourself, or do you improve a little bit the reality?


    If I don’t want something revealed I keep my mouth shut. However, I’m proud of my age, weight, height, looks and body. It’s one thing to lie to keep personal info personal, it’s another thing to exaggerate. Believe it or not, I am more trusting of a person who lies to protect themselves than I would be of someone who exaggerated for the sake of looking better.

  9. BTW, as arrogant as this sounds, I’m not usually the one who has to do the “impressing.” So there is no need to lie to impress.

  10. Yes, Stiletto, it doesn’t sound arrogant to me. Many of my female friends don’t lift a finger to get a man because they are so beautiful. But it depends on the man they want to score with 😉
    And for keeping your mouth shut, that’s what we call the subtil art of mystery, typical of a woman 🙂

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