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At the restaurant

Ha, the restaurant. You cannot avoid this terrible test when you start a relationship, and it’s a crucial step if you want to go forward with your partner, especially for the men.  That’s not fair, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, there are some rules to follow for the men. It’s a question of politeness. You don’t answer to your cell phone during the meal, you don’t look at the other women in the room and don’t flirt with the waitress and of course, you will always pay the bill in the end, even if your date insists to share.

You will try to eat properly, by not spilling all the food out of your plate. You will avoid to dress loose especially if it’s a chic restaurant and you will try to let your partner choose whatever she wants on the menu, even if she settles for the lobster.  You won’t offend if she prefers what’s in your plate rather than hers and pick food in it.

Even with that, you could fail miserably at this test, because if you have zero conversation, even if you follow all these rules, chances are the lady won’t appreciate. Except if you’re Brad Pitt. In that case, you don’t need to talk…

Also, avoid any of these subjects of conversations: politics, religion, astrology (boring)  and sex. On a first date, it’s never a good idea to go into deep water.

But for the ladies, there are also rules to follow. One of my friend told me she hesitates a lot on what to wear on her first date. Once, she settled for the shortest dress in her wardrobe, which has also a wide cleavage. “I wasn’t comfortable at all. I kept on pulling on my dress and lifting up the cleavage, I didn’t listen to any single word he said, and I ended up spilling accidentally my plate on his knees “ she said. So, sexy clothes, but comfortable one you will choose.

Also, a few check up in the mirror would prevent you from situations like these. K., 28, told me her date was really looking at her in a weird way during the meal. When she switched to the bathroom, she realised she had a piece of salad stuck in her teeth, and that her partner seemed really disgusted by that. Y. ,30, rushed to get prepared for her date, but didn’t have time to check up her make-up before leaving her house. I’ll let you imagine the rest of her story. She told me her date was a catastrophe.

And don’t forget the skirt stuck in the stockings. A classic…

So, what shouldn’t he do in the restaurant according to you? And what should she avoid ?

P.S.: don’t forget this particular day. 😉 


7 thoughts on “At the restaurant

  1. I eat out at restaurants fairly regularly, but I’ve never been taken to one on a date, that I can recall. I have a history of falling into relationships and by the time we get around to eating out, that initial ‘date’ awkwardness has passed. Weird, I know.

    So, I don’t have a lot to contribute to this discussion…

    That link was fun. Teehee!

  2. It’s ok, Vanessa. I didn’t experiment this weird test either. My ex usually preferred to invite me to the theater(and not for giving them a special treatment during the movie!) and then for a drink, less risky ,if you take just a drink 😉

    haha, I didn’t know about this special day until I heard about it on the radio this morning. The DJ was so pleased he could pass the song I touch myself by The Divinyls at 7 in the morning…

  3. The whole concept of going to a restaurant for a first date just reeks of awkwardness and potential for disaster to me. I’d much rather do something far less formal, where silences won’t be so noticeable and people have more scope to relax…

    A movie, then a drink sounds good. There are loads of things you could do that would be far less like a job interview. Hah.

    Just my thoughts…

  4. Yes, Vanessa, you’re right. The restaurant is a test equivalent to a job interview, when you think about it. But all my single friends have now to go to that gauntlet. Geez, their dates lack a real sense of originality.

  5. People still wear stockings?

    I usually wear sexy designer dresses. My attitude is they don’t like what I wear then we can’t hang, period. But never an issue. I mean, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin.

  6. Stiletto, yes, I know stockings are the least sexy outfit in a woman ‘s wardrobe, but when I look around me, it’s still going strong, mainly for a question of comfort.
    And for sexy clothes, it’s mainly a matter on how you can handle it. You are used to wear those dresses, so it’s kind like a second skin to you. But for some women who try to impress their dates, it can turn into a catastrophe.

    WishBoNe, lol

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