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Like a box of chocolates

The dating sites are full of surprises. You can find, if you’re lucky, your soul mate, but you can also find many people who subscribe to those sites just because they want to get laid.

Around me, I know a few examples of couples who started dating after chatting on these sites. I’m among them.  All of them told me they weren’t looking for a serious relationship while subscribing, they were just there for curiosity, for meeting other people and see where it can go. “I suscribe to one of those sites with many of my single friends, and I started chatting with a guy who has many common points with me. We only met three months after our virtual meeting and we decided to give it a go” I.,32, explained. She’s getting married with the man she met virtually in four months, BTW.

Some women told me that they haven’t met the man of their dreams on those dating sites, but they had the occasion to meet and date great guys. “I dated three guys thanks to those sites. Each time, our relationship lasted over a year. I had a great time with them, but I knew they weren’t the one, and they felt the same way about me. I stayed friend with them, though”S., 34, told me. 

And then, there are the ones who chat on the net just to get laid. A friend of mine told me about the story of her cousin. “He’s got a real problem with sex. For him, women are just a mean to appease his needs. When he discovered those dating sites, he was so happy. He has found a lot of women who accepted to sleep with him. Oh, and he’s not difficult, he chooses every woman who accepts to get laid”  she explained.

Of course, if you’re really looking for the true love on these sites, chances are you could be really disappointed by who you find. That’s why people go more and more consulting again those good old matrimonial agencies.

By disappointment, this reminds me of an episode with the sperm donor of my company (yes, Vanessa, you know who I’m talking about). When he was single, and still living with his mommy, he used to surf a lot on the dating sites during work (everyone knew about it) . He subscribed on many of them and created different profiles. I heard that one woman just ran away when she saw him approaching on her first date with him. How I understand her … But, curiously, he managed to score with several of his preys.  Perhaps his dates were just looking for sex, or even worse, his sperm (Eewwwww)?

So, for the woman who really looks for love, and finds a guy like that (or my friend’s cousin) , she surely can be disgusted by the dating sites.


11 thoughts on “Like a box of chocolates

  1. Of course there are exceptions. My co-worker JF found her husband on one of this dating sites where you pay thousands of dollars so they can find you a perfect match. It worked for her and they have been happily married for 8 years.

    The problem with JF and her husband was that they were both shy and introverted, so they had a hard time finding suitable partners. If not for that dating site, they would probably be still single.

  2. Yes, April, I still believe that dating sites are an excellent mean for introverted and shy people to meet. If you’re honest and your partner too, why wouldn’t it work ?
    I found my man thanks to those sites too, so I don’t blame them.

  3. modobs:

    “I found my man thanks to those sites too, so I don’t blame them.”

    I didn’t know that you did, but that’s a good thing.

    You have been so mysterious (always blogging about people that you know). At least now I know something about you. LOL.

  4. I agree with Vanessa and April! hmmm…

    I was just recently on a dating site. ONLY because of the Advertising company I work for also builds websites and my boss wanted us to do some research on how it works, etc. His thoughts were that we could build one and get RICH! HA! I also think he wanted me to do this as well for my sake because this was soon after the breakup with the ex and he didn’t want me going back to him. ANYWAY, I have found several interesting people on the site. If anything at all I have found some new friends. But the funny thing is that I was been matched up with several Firefighters at first and I swore off all firefighters, army and police officers because of the EX. (yes he wore all uniforms). My boss accused me of putting in my profile my preference of men in uniforms but I didn’t. I promise!!!!

  5. swissabel says:

    Every one of these sites have a “happy endings” section, where people who found their better halves rave about the usefulness of the website. I didn’t believe them because I didn’t think these sites work. It’s not like every man out these wants to score. I was looking for like-minded people who I could get along with, have conversations over a drink or a cup of coffee. If you feel a connection and it goes beyond this, that’s great! But you only have to look at how many men have visited a woman’s profile or flashed an interest in them or marked them as favourite in the last 24 hours to know that it’s an improbable task to woo her, even if you feel you’re a great match.

    I’m tempted to believe you all when you say dating sites genuinely work. But I think it’s a case of 1 in 100.

  6. Yes, I know that these dating sites don’t work all the time for finding the partner of your dream. It’s a bit like winning in the lottery. But as April said, for people who find it hard to find a partner because they’re too shy and introverted, it’s a real opportunity. And in my case, I wasn’t expecting anything when I first registered on one of these sites. But now, my man and I always laugh when we think about how we met.

  7. swissabel says:

    I understand. I joined one of them (I tried some others but got a premium membership only on one) thinking the same. I’m not quite shy or introverted in most aspects but when it comes to the opposite sex, I’m that kind. So I figured this is perhaps a good idea. However, it seems like a lottery. Just like you said! 🙂

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