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Say hello Wave goodbye

Some women systematically fell for the wrong men before they eventually find their Mr. Right ( or not). Of course, when we were young, we dated sometimes boys we would have never picked now that we got older. I systematically fell for bad boys when I was a teenager, but now, it’s a completely different story.  I guess it’s maturity.

But some of the women I know seem to be bound with bad luck when it comes to their partners. H. ,34, told me she collects men who aren’t for her. ” I don’t know why, but I keep on falling for the wrong guy. Maybe I’m not ready to settle down, after all” she said.

But what are those toads who never turned into a prince charming ? According to H., we can put them into diverse categories.

  1. The lost and found. “At the beginning, I found it so sweet he needed me all the time ” explained a friend of mine. She fell for a straight loser who failed miserably at all he was doing. He was a musician, but never shot into stardom nor even got a professional recognition because he was too afraid to play in public.  He didn’t drive a car, so he constantly relied on my friend for going somewhere. She managed everything in his life, like his mom would do. But in the end, she realised this has gone too far and that she would never get happy with him, so she left him.
  2. The sleep around. H. told me she fell for a womanizer well known in her company. “I felt like the chosen One when he started to flirt with me, despite I knew he was a ladykiller, so I accepted all his invitations. For a short period of time, I felt like a princess. But all of a sudden, he started to ignore me completely and didn’t return my calls anymore”she said. Well, at least, she was warned from the start.
  3. The already taken.I saw that clearer part of skin around his annular, but I didn’t push him back. I don’t why, but I accepted to be his mistress, with all the promises he would leave his wife and all those dates missed because he had to take care of his kids or his wife was terribly ill” C., 33, explained. “It lasted three years, until I realised he would never leave his wife for me”she added.
  4. The platonic relationship. One of my friend used to have a crush for one of her male friends who didn’t have a clue about her feelings.  She was too shy to tell him how she felt for him, and got devastated the day she learned he would get married … to another woman.   H. told me she fell in love with one of her gay friends, but of course, nothing happened because he preferred men.
  5. The apostle of sexual liberalism. “When I met J., I thought I met the most charming man on this planet. After three months of romance, he proposed me do to a threesome, then to go to an echangism club. I just ran away”  H. told me.
  6. The rebel. I was seduced by his wild manners at first. His fuck- to- society attitude has something pleasant, and appealing. But I soon became disillusioned with him because we cannot go everywhere without having him making a scandal. And also, he had a problem with monogamy” H. explained.

Of course, some of those toads appear to be the prince charming of other people ( the already taken, the gay and the friend) .

What’s the definition of a toad, according to you ? 


8 thoughts on “Say hello Wave goodbye

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  2. Well, they’re all a bit toady, aren’t they?

    I will say, the platonic one sucks…. I really hate that. That’s happened to me loads of times.

    The lost and found, and the rebel have also figured prominently in my life, heh.

    Still do, in fact. [rolls eyes]

  3. Ah, yes, the platonic one sucks. I was involved in many relationships like that too, in the past [sigh]. With a rebel, and a lost and found. I liked combining difficulties when I was younger 😉

  4. swissabel says:

    I’ve been the platonic toad, I guess. But to be fair to that kind of toads, they’re decent fellas whose main fault is indecision. It’s a double-edged sword – you make a move and if the woman is not interested you lose a friend too (more often than not; because the equation changes forever) OR you don’t make a move and never get to know if she liked you!

    Interesting read. Can we have the categories of prince charmings too? I’m sure there’s more than one kind.

  5. Oh, Swissabel, I don’t blame the platonic toad. In fact, the woman who’s unable to express her feelings for him is also guilty. I was involved in some relationships like that in the past, and I regretted I didn’t say anything. Besides, some people fell for the one they cannot have. That’s the game of love.

    Different categories of prince charmings ? Well, I can ask around me what’s the definition of a prince charming nowadays, but I’m sure I will get surprising answers 🙂

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