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The Napoleon syndrome

With the election victory of Nicolas Sarkozy to become the president of France, numerous jokes have circulated on his height (that’s too easy).

I heard that little Nicolas wears talonnette. Gosh, he must be really complexed about his height to have recourse to this artifice.

When it comes to height, we’re not equal at all between men and women. If you’re a man, you have to be tall, while if you’re a woman, it’s preferable to be tiny. A tall lady (above 6 feet) has to go through  a lot of sarcastic remarks, and so does the short man.  Unfortunately,  mentalities will never change about this.

Some people really develop complex because of their heights. Some tall women I know are afraid of wearing heels, and always walk with an arched back. Some men try to compensate in other aspect of their lives, in other words, they are affected by  the Napoleon complex.

Another form of the toadwhich never turns into a Prince Charming ? Well, maybe. It depends on which aspect of their lives the diminutive men want to overcompensate. 

M., 53, is 5’3″ and compensate his lack of height by proving he can seduce every woman he wants. I asked him once about how many women he slept with, but he couldn’ t give me a precise number. “More than 500, so far”  he said.  M. has never had a stable relationship with a woman, but he’s the father of several children who barely know him.

 Even if he tries not to compensate in his love life, the short man can be a toad too. T., 45, has dedicated his life to be the boss and to rule them all. This hasn’t happened without many sacrifices in his life, beginning with his marriage.  His wife complains he’s never there for her nor for their children. She told me she tried several times to ask for a divorce, and that she had an affair with an another man because she couldn’t stand being alone all the time. But she never had the guts to let her husband down. ” At least, I know where I can find him: at the office, working”  she said.

In addition, do you have a preference when it comes to height for your partner ? Personally, I don’t care, as long as he isn’t shorter than me (I’m 5’3″).


27 thoughts on “The Napoleon syndrome

  1. Fred says:

    Hi there

    My name is Fred, I´m around 5’6 feet tall (171cm)and I consider myself average to short over here in Spain, but when I travel to the US or other countries I feel really short… but that has never been a problem for me. I guess it is a mental problem. I do believe many people develop that Napoleon syndrome, specially the bossy macho shit… 😉

  2. Hi Fred, of course, the appreciation of height varies from one country to another. If you go to Asia, you would feel tall. But if you go to the Netherlands, that’s another story. Glad this has never been a problem for you 🙂

  3. I personally prefer taller men (at least 5’10”), but it doesn’t always work that way. I guess you cannot choose who you fall in love with.

  4. swissabel says:

    Just signed up on wordpress and this is the firstI post I read. Well thought and well written. Will surely come back to read more. Just a couple points to make on this post.

    Fred said it’s a mental problem. It is and more often than not it’s the mental problem of the people who perceive you as short AND as that being a shortcoming. But the fact is that it does affect most short people. I’m 25 and 5’3″ or 5’3.5″ at best. Over the last eight years or so, I’ve been subject to ridicule of different sorts, subtle and blunt, in jest or seriously. It doesn’t help at all when your own folks tease you about your height (even if you know that they’re joking and mean no harm).

    The second this is it does affect how women look at you. Because of unsaid social norms, most women don’t look at men with heights equal to shorter than them. To make matters that bit worse, even shorter women tend to go for rather tall blokes. See the point?! 🙂

    You rightly mentioned the complexes they tend to develop. I see at as a logical (thougth perhaps skewed and unworthy) consequence of the above.

  5. Teemue, since I consider myself short, I wouldn’t like to find a shorter male version of myself. Irony, probably 😉

    April: exactly, you cannot choose the person you fall in love with.

    Hi, Swissabel, thank you! But I don’t agree with you completely. Some women do look for men with equal, even less height than them. One of my best friends, who’s 6’1″, is married to a man that barely stands over 5’5″. If the lady is really shallow, then yes, you have reason. But women aren’t all that shallow 🙂

  6. swissabel says:

    Fair enough, it’s just an opinion. One that I’ll hopefully outgrow. I guess I’d be one of those shallow men, because I think a 6′ girl and I would look ridiculous together. Even though I know that all that matters are the two individuals and their compatibility. It could be just my age and a few years or despair could possibly rid me of that shallowness. 🙂

    On another note, thanks for the interesting post. I used to blog regularly a couple of years back. Lost interest altogether. A few more posts like yours and I’ll be back blogging regularly!

  7. Ha, Swissabel, the look from the others on yourself is sometimes difficult to bear. Besides, what’s ridiculous ? When I look at my friend’s couple, I can say anything about them except that they look ridiculous. It didn’t shock me when they started dating, but some of our entourage didn’t think that way. There will always be narrow minds, unfortunately.
    I hope you will come back to this blog 😉

  8. Hey You are really wonderful. Thanks for your prompt reply and its really great that you add me in your blogroll. Its really pleasure for me. Thank you again…:)

  9. Woah! New people! Yay! hehe.

    I have no height preference. I’ve been out with men both shorter and taller than me. It really is the last thing I look at, even physically.

    Some people have very distinct preferences in that area though, I know…

  10. Yes, that helps to be the blog of the minute on wordpress…

    Of course, Vanessa, it’s a question of personal taste. It’s also the last thing I look in a man, physically speaking.

  11. Quite a popular topic from the increase in comments 😀 I prefer dating men who are of my height or slightly taller. Not a head taller because my neck would simply ache from looking up at him most of the time.

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  15. Cheyenne says:

    I’m about 5’6″ tall and I am married to a man that is 6’3″ tall. I think the perfect height for a man for me is somewhere around 5′ 10″ tall. I really can’t explain it but everything seem to fit better. You know how the glove fits the hand.
    But if you truly love someone,height doesn’t really matter.

  16. Hi Cheyenne,
    Indeed, when you love someone, height doesn’t really matter. The perfect height for a man? Well, when you ask men about that, they would probably answer the same height you mentioned.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. audrey says:

    i’m 5’8″ and thought that i could never date anyone who wasn’t at least my height (with 6’2″+ being the preferential range), and i’ve found myself falling for a man who’s 5’4″.

    love happens.

  18. Jacob says:

    Hi i am very paranoid about my height I’m 5″5 and i am called short at least a couple times a day. It effects me tremendously especially when i am out with my friends or talking to girls. I always tell them that i grew from the last time they saw me and they usually laugh. I always think about my hight at least a couple times a day. I also sometimes think of ways i can get taller by eating a big meal before i go to bed so i can get taller or drink lots of milk before i got to bed … I always liked to be the person in charge of the group like school projects and stuff like that i don’t know why but i always liked the higher man feeling…
    Does anybody think these are sings of napoleon Syndrome ?

  19. Jacob, nobody likes his height, especially when we’re young. Somehow, you will learn to deal with this issue. But don’t try to change. It’s you.

  20. bev greene says:

    The best definition is – “An angry male of below the average height who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others to compensate for his abnormally short stature”.
    Wayne Rowbotham of Orillia, ON perfectly exemplifies this. He tries to control any who enter is life and as a result has alienated most. He has a sick desire to have a harem of girls and so far has a wife and has recruited one willing one. He believes that he is better than others and openly states that no one else matters besides himself. He says that others are only here to benefit him and only when he needs them. It is sad to see someone be so hurtful and uncaring to others. His insults, rudeness and insolence to others is incomprehensible. Even a man who considered himself Wayne’s only “friend” wasn’t safe. Wayne would say how the man was a lazy, overwieght pig who ate and drank far too much, how he had to work for others because he had no brains or energy to do anything else. This is one of his nicer comments. When one meets with Wayne he will request that you sit as very few are shorter than him.

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