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The cheap show

Thanks to Vanessa, I will endure this terrible torture of having to tell 8 random things about me. Here it goes.

  1. I hate cucumbers. If I accidentally bite on a bit of this horrible vegetable, I will have a strange reaction on my face that makes immediately laugh my man.
  2. 2. When I was a little kid, I was fascinated by domestic iron. My little fingers were irremediably attracted by this instrument of torture, especially when heated, but I just regret I didn’t persevere into this act long enough to completely erase my finger prints. I could have started a great career of international burglar.

    3. I used to combine 2 opposite sports when I was a teenager. My father wanted me to be able to defend myself, so he pushed me to follow judo courses. My mother, on the other hand, was afraid I would turn into a real tomboy, so she insisted I followed classic dance classes. This strange combination didn’t work so well with me. I hated so much having to fight during judo competitions that I always ended up last on the list. And also, I never looked like a little rat of the opera (pink isn’t my favorite colour).

    4. I wanted to be a great reporter when I was a little kid. I didn’t know why, but I was convinced I would always be single in my life, so this demanding job which send you everywhere in the world ( and not in the most pleasant parts of it) fitted in my plans. But I met the man of my life during my studies, and suddenly, this aspect of journalism frightened me. I ended up in the financial side of the news, but I don’t regret anything.

    5. I have an opposed chemist career. When I was a little kid, I used to mix up a lot of ingredients that I found and tested those strange preparations on my cousins, friends and sister. My little sis developed an allergy, once, with a certain mixture I made. So I gave my ambitions up.

    6. I absolutely hate to be touched by strangers and to touch strangers. Therefore, I couldn’t have done these professions: dentist, esthetician, hairdresser, gynecologist, … Don’t worry, I still let those professions touch me, but the people exercising it are no strangers to me.

    7. I used to play the piano, but since I left my parents’ house and haven’t taken my piano in my new home, I completely lost how to play this instrument. I regret it.

    8. I eat too much junk food. I’ve already tried to cut down my consumption of diet coke, but I’m still addicted to candy bars.

    Who shall I torture then with this challenge ? April, WishBoNe, Fred, Swissabel , Samiha Esha and Raindreamer, it’s your turn…


15 thoughts on “The cheap show

  1. Oooh, it sounds like cucumbers are to you what coffee is to me… Yuck!

    The same thing happened to me with the piano. I had 5 years of lessons, then my mother sold my piano and now I can’t play at all. I do have a keyboard though. I ought to set it up…

    Excellent list, my dear! 😀

  2. Thank you, Vanessa 🙂
    Ha, I don’t particularly like coffee too. So, imagine a buffet just with cucumbers and coffee 😉

  3. swissabel says:

    I’m not particularly allergic to coffee or cucumber. But a buffet with those two sounds gross even to me!

    I’ve done my bit. Thanks for the tag 😉

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  6. Very interesting modobs! I haven’t lived such an exciting life as the rest of you guys. I have no idea what to write on my tag. I will think about it and write soon. I also need to catch up on my reading of everyone’s blogs, especially yours. Just glanced over some and I need to read em throughly. I will do so tonight! thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Oh, thank you AB. I bet you will find what to write on your tag. I was just having a lunch with three of my oldest friends before writing this post, and they came up with most of the things I wrote. It’s sometimes striking what people remember of you…
    And good reading 😉

  8. You’re welcome, Raindreamer. Have fun with it.

    April, indeed, random is harder. But thanks in advance for taking the challenge.

  9. Hi, just wanted to say you have a very nice blog, am gonna add it in my website in the blogs section, but i think you should replace your background with a better one.. but this is just my opinion 🙂

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