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Since I’m feeling in the same mood than Vanessa right now,  I will wait until this wave of bad emotions go away. Until then, a little bit of cheering up from one of my favourite bands (and from my favourite singer, Aawww) will do the trick.


7 thoughts on “Hush

  1. Heh, I like the video. A bit of nudity will always brighten my day… teehee.

    Maybe if we both concentrate really hard, we can make it pass more quickly. Heh. Wishful thinking….

  2. Vanessa, it’s just a shame they didn’t remove the panel from behind 😉 Yes, we should try to concentrate really hard, it can evacuate more quickly those bad emotions. That’s a good idea.

    Tommy, it doesn’t vary much when I’m in my “happy place”. I listen to rock, in its many forms.

  3. Yes, April, it’s a shame their signs didn’t fall in the end 😉 In fact, I wonder how these guys would look like now in such a video, which was filmed circa 1993.

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