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What’s it with women and chippendales ?





One of my friends wants to celebrate her 30th birthday with an unforgettable party. For the occasion, she’d like to have a chippendale dancing for her (and more, if it’s possible). I asked her why the hell on earth she wanted such a show, and she replied that this kind of men turns her on and she wanted to know once in her life this “extraordinary” experience.

E., 29, told me she regularly goes to see Chippendales shows. “I cannot help it, they’re so sexy. And also, I have the opportunity to approach some of them, and they’re quite open to women, if you know what I mean” she explained.

Are the Chippendales another version of the trophy men ? Why are there so many women running to their shows ? “It’s because they correspond to a certain dream for women ” I. ,34, thinks. “Do you know many males who take care of themselves like that ? They so muscular, attractive,…” she asked.

This point of view isn’t shared by all women, though. K. ,32, confessed she absolutely hates the perspective of a bodybuilded man, oiled and wearing a thong, shaking his groove on her. She told me her friends set up a surprise party before her wedding, and invited a stripper who looked exactly like a chippendale. She told me that if she could have done it, she would have told the guy to find another surprise party. “This kind of guy turns me off. I find nothing sexy in a guy who spends his day on workouts and in beauty parlors” she said.

U.,31, told me that her friends planned the same thing for her 30th birthday, but she insisted that they offer her a priced bag instead. So, instead of a stripper, she received a beautiful Kelly bag for her birthday present.

I think I would prefer to receive a Kelly bag for my 30th birthday than a stripper, like U. What would you choose if you were given that choice ?


12 thoughts on “What’s it with women and chippendales ?

  1. Haha, WishBoNe, you like when men are more “natural”. I have a soft spot for a slight paunch too. But I hate when the guy lets himself go too much.

  2. I was at a party last year where a stripper grabbed my hand so I can feel his muscular chest down to his crotch. I was grossed out so I immediately ran to the bathroom to wash my hands.

    I’ll have the Hermes Kelly without a doubt.

  3. The bag, hands down.

    Male strippers leave me cold. I would do the same as April if that stripper did the same thing to me. Yuck.

    I don’t like very vain men.

  4. Oh, yes, I would do the same as April too in a situation like that, Vanessa. The perspective that numerous other ladies have already touched him adds to the disgust I have for male strippers.

  5. finsalscollons says:

    I admit my huge ignorance about this topic. So please enlighten me.

    Most women I know think male strippers are disgusting (I think the same of female strippers, but I disgress). But there are some women who like them (if it wasn’t this way, they would have no customers). So my questions are:

    – Do you think there is a special kind of woman who likes this kind of guys? What kind of woman? Why?

    – What do you think they find attractive in these guys? (Such a silly question, I guess their body and physical beauty).

    My aim is to understand more the female psychology (that is, plain curiosity).

  6. Gosh, finsalscollons, I don’t know if there’s a special kind of women attracted by those guys. I think it’s a question of personal taste. Maybe they’re looking for an temporary escape in their boring lives, I don’t know.
    What do they find attractive ? Their bodies, of course. One woman I know told me she finds them sensual.
    But again, it’s difficult to generalize.
    You cannot put the women who prefer to choose the Kelly bag into a special category too. If you ask a woman what’s turning her on in a man, you ‘ll get very various answers. No woman would say the same answers to that question.

  7. finsalscollons says:

    Yes, modobs, you are right. The same for a man. Every man would have different answers to this question, too.

  8. finsalscollons says:

    Yeah, silly question, anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I better will write in the other topic (that of dating).

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