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You’re going cheap in the sales

F. ? Oh yeah, she’s such a bomb, but I won’t date her because she’s too easy and every male in the town has his chances with her”.  I have often heard this sentence coming from guys about some women.  But I start to hear  the same coming from women about men too.  “I could never date a sleep around, who has been with all the people I know” confessed A., 32.  “It’s not that I’m afraid of STDs with him, but just telling to myself I’m another one on his long list of conquests- if we can call them conquests because they’re more people willing to sleep with him- and it hurts my ideal of a relationship” she added.

For some women, it’s all about the question of STDs. “When I met G., I thought he was charming and very attractive. But some of his friends told me I would  have the honour of being the 300th person to sleep with him. And yeah, by person, they mean he didn’t have a preference for men or women. I was totally disgusted.  God knows what kind of diseases this sleep around could have caught by sleeping with so many people” she explained.

Of course, some people don’t mind dating easy women/ men.  “I know she’s a sleep around. She’s the office whore of her company. I met some of her colleagues who told me she slept with every of her male colleagues. But that’s why precisely I chose to date her“B., 34, admitted.  “What he has done in his past, I don’t want to know. I ‘m happy with him, and that ‘s what matters to me“K., 31, said.

Some people have mixed feelings about these easy men/ women. “I didn’t mind the fact he has slept with so many people. But what pushed me to leave him was the fact he was so insecure. I knew, because of that, he would sooner or later be unfaithful to me” N.,30, explained.  “She came into  my life with a bag full of her psychological problems: she had a trouble childhood, she was kicked out of her house at 16, she had many experiences with drugs and alcohol, and on top of that, she aborted  twice” U., 35, explained. “I didn’t mind she was an easy woman, but because of all her problems, she kept on going off the rails, and it was really difficult to handle her” he added.

What would you do if you meet someone like that? Do you run away? Or you don’t mind?


13 thoughts on “You’re going cheap in the sales

  1. Raindreamer says:

    I’ve been in that position, but happily have found out quickly enough. Happily if you’re not too quick yourself, there is always some one to warn you sooner or later, or you find out by yourself.

    It is those moments I am happy I am a bit old-fashioned.

  2. finsalscollons says:

    The problem is not the past (I don’t mind my partner to have a sexual life before knowing me: after all, I don’t think she must be a virgin waiting for her Prince Charming).

    The problem is the future. How can you trust that a partner who has slept with the whole rugby team? How can you know if this will be faithful when he/she is married to you? You will always have to live with the shadow of a doubt.

    It’s hard for the people to change. And nobody likes to be cheated. So I will run too. Call me old-fashioned, if you want, but I call myself realistic.

    Having said this, it is easier for a woman to have a lot of sexual partners than for a man. A woman who want to get laid only has to go to a club, smile, get approached by men, choose the one who she likes the most and get laid. Easy.

    A man has to approach the woman. Most times is rejected. If he is not rejected, he has to chat with the girl, get her phone number (not always she is willing to give it), call her for a date, have a couple of dates (because she is not “one of such girls”), pay some dinners, pray God and hope that Jupiter be in the house of the Moon while Aquarius is in its phase (and then cross the fingers).

    I have had the funny experience of having girlfriends who said to me “But, I am a very conservative girl. I only have had X sexual partners for all my life”. And X is much greater than the number of partners I have had. He he

  3. Haha, Finsalscollons ! Maybe the people who don’t run away just live in denial or actually believe they can change a sleep around. But you’re right, it’s hard for people to change, especially when you have a problem with monogamy and commitment.
    Do you really think it’s easier for a woman to get laid ? Some men prouve the contrary, but hey, they’re not too difficult and try with everything who has boobs and butt. I met once a real obsessive guy who told me it’s a question of going under your league. He confessed he picked only ugly girls who are grateful someone eventually noticed them. That’s gross, but it worked for him.

  4. finsalscollons says:

    Well, modobs. I do think it is easier for a woman to get laid. Let me explain it with a thought experiment (like the thought experiments Einstein made to discover the theory of relativity, ha ha).

    Let’s suppose a woman stands by the door of a club. She asks every man who goes into the club: “Would you want to get laid with me tonight?” I think 80% of men would say yes.
    (The other 20% would think there is a hidden camera).

    Let’s suppose a man in the same situation. Every woman who gets into the club is asked “Would you want to get laid with me tonight?” I think 5% of women would say yes (only because they are drunk or high). If we speak about sober women, well, I think he only will get an 0.1%.

    This tells us some differences between (most) men and (most) women:

    1. Men are full of testosterone and are more eager of having sex than women.

    2. Men can get laid with a woman they don’t like. But, most times, when a (sober) woman gets laid with a man he thinks it is nice, attractive or has some quality. Men can get laid with everything who has boobs and butt (even if boobs and butt are tiny). Women are more picky.

    3. Women demand a ritual to get laid. Even if they are horny and the man who approach them is a hunk, they want him to speak with her. They want to prove they are not “one of these girls” and so on.

    4. Men separates love and sex which is harder for women (because their brains are different). Having sex for a man it is something like eating a yummy meal. It is a pleasant experience, but does not have emotional implications (except if you are in love with this woman). Unlike this, the morning after, woman wake up with a feeling of being close to the man they have laid with. The female brain secretes some hormones which create this feeling of attachment that men simply doesn’t have (this hormones have an evolutionary meaning: they are meant to make the woman look for the man in order to get his help for the baby who is coming -before the pill was invented). All this has been proven by science.

    Men can be picky, but only when thinking about a relationship. When it comes to having sex, let’s face it, almost every man is an “easy man” (this also have an evolutionary explanation: they have to spread their genes as widely as possible).

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