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The other man of your life

Do you remember that episode  of Friends where Rachel and the others ended up in the hospital because of the birth of Ross’s child , and Rachel started to flirt with a handsome doctor until she discovered he was a gynecologist ?

I had recently a discussion with one of my friends about male gynecologists and the fascination that some women can have on them. She told me that her gynecologist was quite handsome, and that some of his patients named their newborn after him. How weird is that ?

This reminds me also of that movie with Richard Gere, where his character attracted also numerous ladies in his cabinet. I still wonder how you can create a particular relationship with your male gynecologist.  Personally, I hate to see him once a year. If I can skip this necessary appointment, I would. But the fact he’s a man doesn’t change anything. I had a female gynecologist before, and I felt exactly the same.

And besides, when you’re on the examination table, you’re not at the top of your seduction, isn’t it?

My friend doesn’t agree with me. She considers the gynecologist as a phantasm for some women. “After all, who knows best a woman’s body than a gynecologist ?” she asked. But I still wonder how is his sex life after seeing vaginas and boobs all day long.

So, ladies, do you think a male gynecologist would make a good lover ?


16 thoughts on “The other man of your life

  1. finsalscollons says:

    I wish I was a gynecologist. This is my real vocation. :-))

    Seriously, when I lived in El Salvador, I knew a guy who was studying to be a gynecologist. The thing that amazed me is that his reason for wanting to be a gynecologist was that he wanted to see a lot of pussies.

    I wonder whether he would close the clinic when an old woman with bad hygiene go visit him. :-))

  2. Oh, Finsalscollons, in my country, gynecology is a speciality you can’t choose on your own. You are chosen to be a gynecologist most of the time. And personally, if my gynecologist was to be obsessed by pussies, I would immediately change for another one.
    I just wish your guy sees a lot of old women with bad hygiene.

  3. @finsalcollons
    😆 I bet most guys tend to feel that way when they have the energy.

    I definitely agree, I wish that guy would see a lot of old women with poor hygiene.

    I have never had the chance to date one so I won’t know. Maybe they (the male gynecologist) would know how to make us real happy?

  4. I have a male friend who is a gynecologist. He said that although he acts in a professional manner, he does enjoy the vaginal exam, especially with beautiful women. After all, they are also human, and most of all “MEN”. And that is why I have a female gynecologist.

  5. Oh, April, I was hesitant to go to my male gynecologist at first, but then, I told myself he’s just another doctor like the other one. And my mom convinced me it would be a better choice if I wanted to have children. I will keep him until I will give birth to a little pair of feet, but after that, I will probably change.

  6. finsalscollons says:

    I’m shocked, modobs.

    Why a male gynecologist is a better choice if you want to have children? I don’t know why (except if the gynecologist is the semen donor, aka father). 😆 🙂

    If I were woman, I would be aware of the devices a gynecologist put between my legs. If a device is soft and hairy, perharps it is a human device 😆 🙂

  7. No, Finsalscollons, it’s just for one thing: the childbirth. For the rest, he’d better act in a professional manner. I don’t like to be touched by strangers, and I’m really mean with those who cannot hold their hands.
    Oh, and let me tell you something: I met several women who told me they really enjoy the vaginal exam with their male gynecologist. How creepy is that ?

  8. I know that I could never be a gynecologist. I know myself well enough to know that any sort of professionalism would be an act. I respect women’s health and what they have to go through (mentally and physically) enough to realize that I have no business being in an exam room.

  9. finsalscollons says:

    I understand you, modobs. I think it is not easy to a woman to be touched by strangers. The thing some woman enjoy the vaginal exam surprises me.

  10. I’m in the process of getting a referral to a gyno right now and the one I have in mind is NOT male. There’s just no way…. and I think Tommy just summed up my reasons for that, quite nicely. Hah.

    Also, I was just watching a British sitcom last night called ‘The Robinsons’ and there was a female character who went out with a male gynaecologist and she was completely appalled that he was utterly useless in bed. Of course that must be true of all male gyno’s because I saw it on tv, right? 😉

  11. finsalscollons – I have NEVER met or heard of a woman who enjoyed having a vaginal exam. Speculums are not fun, no matter what other implements you might enjoy……….

  12. Geez, Tommy, that makes another reason why I should go back to my female gynecologist.

    Vanessa, if you saw it on TV, that must be true 🙂
    And speculum aren’t fun at all.

    @Vanessa & Finsalsollons, I still wonder how these women can enjoy a vaginal exam. Or maybe they had a different kind of vaginal exam, they didn’t tell me.

  13. swissabel says:

    I don’t have something to contribute directly to the topic at hand. However, here are my two cents on what I think. Being a gynaecologist and being good in bad have no common denominator. Any guy – whether or not he is a gynaecologist – has a 50% chance of being good in bed. And one wouldn’t know till one were in bed with him. En plus, there no certainty that a man would be would be (equally) good with every woman who he is with. There are too many variables in the equation.

    Fairly obvious, but I thought the present discussion overlooks the fact.

  14. I don’t know if a gynecologist is a better lover than an “average” guy, Swissabel. I never slept with one, so I can’t tell you. But the job of a male gynecologist isn’t always that appealing: he must see all sorts of vaginas throughout his career, therefore sometimes some horrible stuffs. Even if he sees that with professional eyes, I still wonder how he feel when he turns in the bedroom with his wife after a day of consultations.

    And for the good lover part, I suggest you to read a previous post I wrote about that back in April.

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