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Bills, bills, bills

The question of money is inevitable throughout any relationship. Even with your friends, sooner or later, you will be confronted to this question. Who never asked his/her friends to borrow temporarily  some money? Of course, if you discharge quickly your debt towards your friends, there’s no problem. But if you start to forget to pay them back, chances are you will get trouble with them, and even lose their friendship.

The question of money is  sometimes delicate with your friends, and it can be dramatic in your love life too. Unfortunately for men,  it’s still one of the first criterias that comes into the mind of most women when they think about a potential lover. It doesn’t mean that all these women are shallow. Some of them have good reasons to want a rich lover.  “My ex was constantly asking me for money, because he was always broke. He always promised to me he would pay me back, but never did. And in the end, when we broke up, he stil owed me more than 10.000 euros” G., 34, said. “My future man should never have money problem, it’s all I wish” she added.  On the other hand, some women want rich men just to benefit from their fortune.

Besides, old habits never die. When you’re a men, you have to pay the bill at the restaurant or offer her a drink.  Try to propose her to pay for the whole bill, or just her part, and see her reaction. Some women would be offended to get such a proposal. ” I thought he was joking when he asked me to pay the bill, but he wasn’t. I just left him straight away. How rude it is ?” K., 31, explained. But some men would be offended too if a woman asks to pay for the bill. “I insisted to pay, but he wouldn’t want me to do that. He told me to stop acting like a feminist” J., 29, said.

So, what place money occupies in your  love life? Ladies, do you let him pay the bill at the restaurant/bar/ cafe, or would you rather share the bill with him/ pay the whole bill ? Gentlemen, is it OK with you to pay the bill or would you prefer to share?


10 thoughts on “Bills, bills, bills

  1. aniche says:

    I’m a guy and I don’t blame women fr wanting to marry rich guys.When the love runs out atleast u can ease out near the indoor pool.One of my “friends” recently jst refused to contact me after i askd him for the money he owed me.It really pisses me off.Anyway, who the hell cares bt anything anyway? Peace.
    Chck out my blog for daily humor columns.

  2. Ideally all should pay his/her part. Or alternatively one would pay for a night at the bar / restaurant / etc. and then the other next time and so on.

  3. Well… some things are easier to believe than others. May the Truth (Money) save us all.

    Congratulations. Have a nice Monday.
    Darlan (Brasil)

  4. stormyweathers says:

    Hasn’t political correctness made a mess of things! Gender roles have never been more ambiguous or confusing. My feeling is simple; do what your comfortable with and your finances will allow.

  5. Hi to everyone stopping by!

    Aniche, obviously, money is such a big deal for some people, while it doesn’t bother that much others. It’s a question of personal appreciation. Oh, and your blog is very nice, very instructive.

    Andreir, I agree with you. It would be more simple if we all pay our part.

    Svenyboy, I realize this issue is also a problem for gays. I would like to know how you deal with such an issue.

    Uaima, thank you ! Have a great monday too.

    Stormyweathers, yep, genders have never been so confusing. But you’re right on the financial aspects.

  6. plastercinehead says:

    I guess women nowadays are just being realistic. Whether we are materialistic or not, come on face it, we are in a real world. Money isn’t everything but we can’t deny the importance of money.

    And yes, i agree if we pay for our part, it would be more simple.
    But.. some women will be offended. Guess it’s just a woman’s thing.

  7. Hi, plastercinehead ! Obviously, we cannot deny the importance of money in our society. Alternative pay or sharing the bills are the best solutions, indeed. But you have reason, some women would still be offended by these practises.

  8. swissabel says:

    Money matters are tedious. I personally don’t like to have a debt and whenever I have borrowed small amounts, I’ve made sure I returned the debt, as soon as possible. It’s not practical to expect the same point-of-view from everyone. Whoever I lend money to, man or woman, I make sure I’m confident of getting it back.

    Gender roles are ambiguous. If I’m on a date, I assume that I’ll pay the bill. But I’m fine with it if a woman expresses a desire to share bills at restaurants/bars/cafés. I find it endearing if a woman does offer to do so. I expect them to be honest, though, when they say so. Not merely saying expecting that the man will protest in all his chivalry.

    In terms of relationship, I’d much rather have shared accounts for bills (electricity, water, food, etc.) Apart from that I’ll be happy that my woman has a certain degree of independence in money matters. Shopping bills don’t bother me much, since I myself can be a reasonable spendthrift. 🙂

    (Sorry, modobs, if this is long. I’ll try to keep it short.)

  9. Don’t feel restrained in your comment because I had a particular problem with someone else, Swissabel 🙂 It’s not long! I don’t mind a long comment, but it’s a reflex from my profession (or maybe a problem of concentration), when it’s too long, I have a hard time reading all of it, and it’s a shame for the person who spends his time writing it.
    Like we say in french, les bons comptes font les bons amis! I think it’s important to discharge your debts quickly and it’s got to be mutual.
    And you made a point: it’s difficult for a man to decode what really want some women.

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