23 thoughts on “Weak and powerless

  1. go to the beach – walk through the garden without my shoes on – eat ice cream – talk to my friends – hug my rabbit – have a good cry – bake cookies – play sad music – have a nice long bath – make my teddybear hug me – write in my diary – write a letter to myself saying that it’s all gonna be ok – go for a walk through the forest – … and if that doesn’t help, I just go to sleep… because you don’t have to think about what happened then… *hug*

  2. swissabel says:

    I can attest to the fact that food, chocolate, and movies do not help men. An overwhelming majority of men, that is. (Yes, we also have bad moods and get upset.) In my case, that’s when I miss some loving company the most. However, in the absence of that, a generous viewing of Russel Peters or episodes of Coupling or music can cheer me up.

  3. Nismar, yes, bad moods suck !

    Hi, Tine, thanks for stopping by. That’s a good list.

    Plastercinehead, chocolate is indeed a good remedy (in fact, it becomes my new best friend during those hard times). But if you overindulge yourself with it, you will have another kind of problem 😀

    Swissabel, I know the importance of having a rock 🙂 And nothing compares a good laugh.

  4. I watch Love Actually if I need cheering up. But if I’m upset with my pathetic self, say crushing on someone who doesn’t know I exist, which happens to me more times than I care to remember, then I go shopping. Or eat.

    Hope you feel better. Bad moods suck.


  5. Um, all of the above? The blog I’m talking about, not the comments…

    Oh, but retail therapy. Yes! 😀

    Hope it passes soon, my dear….

  6. aniche says:

    The last thing you should do is sit home.But if you’re going out make sure it’s not alone.
    Maybe get a friend to drive your car while you moon happy,satisfied people on the road.That’ll cheer u up 🙂

  7. Aniche, losing yourself in partying and booze is one way to forget everything. But it shouldn’t become a habit, or you’ll end up like Lindsay Lohan 😀

    Swissabel, I’m about to go on vacation really soon, so yes, I’m feeling good today. Thanks for caring 🙂

  8. @Cardiactamponade: I LOVE Love Actually 🙂 but it doesn’t really cheer me up when I’m sad…

    @Swissabel: Ok what would I do if I were a man and I was sad.. I’d probably find some sport to let off some steam..

  9. swissabel says:

    @ Tine: Sports works fine. In fact, nothing like kicking a ball or punching a sandbag. But in the middle of the night, a bout of laughter is equally good. Or as you said, go to sleep!

  10. When I’m in a bad mood, I take comfort in food. I am an emotional eater and I tend to binge when stressed out. After the binging, I feel guilty so I either take a look walk or jog or spend hours at the gym to burn all the calories I have consumed.

  11. It’s curious, April, because when I’m feeling blue, I tend to eat almost nothing, except maybe chocolate. But if I’m too stressed out, I also dive into comfort food. I may have a generous metabolism, because I don’t gain weight during those stressed period, even with stuffing myself with comfort food.

  12. Tine says:

    Lol yeah junk food helps.. until you discover that it all went straight to your hips and you weigh about 2kilos more than before, so you feel more upset than ever..

  13. nismar says:

    I pray to God that he give you sufficient strength. I will suggest read some good quotations. It helps a lot.


  14. Shefali, thanks for stopping by.

    Apples H. & Tine: junk food is our worst enemy for our silhouette, but who cares if it helps you to feel better 🙂

    Thanks, nismar.

  15. nismar says:

    Hi modobs,
    How are you feeling. my self also going through the same dramatical stage of life. life sucks in such a situation.

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