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I felt you long after we went through

Sometimes, we try hard to forget about someone who’s been awful with us, but only time helps us to really erase his/her memory. During the transition period when you broke up and when you eventually forget about your ex,  there can be periods when you think you’re over him/her, and period where you realized your life is so empty without him/her.  It depends a lot on the intensity of your ancient feelings for your ex.

M., 29, needed a long time to get over her ex-lover. “I really loved him, I thought he was the one. But unfortunately, he wasn’t faithful at all. I didn’t realize he cheated on me, until one of his ex came to see me and told me everything about him. I was devastated, and decided to leave him. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him all the time. I had other men after him, but he was the only one who occupied my mind. Once, I even call one of his successors by his name. It was quite a shock for me” she said. it took one whole year for M. to forget her ex-lover. Their relationship lasted only one year and a half.

S., 33, used to date a woman who battled with anorexia. “She was an athlete who stopped her career all of a sudden because she had eating disorder. I was there for her during her whole battle with her disease, we planned to marry, but in the end, I felt she was too self-destructive, and I left her”  he explained. “I felt really bad after the break-up. I thought I was a monster to leave her alone with all her problems, so I tried to stay friends with her. I did try to start my life again with some other women, but each time, I was thinking of her. As a friend, she was quite invasive in my life. I realized  I had to cut all contacts with her to forget about her” he added.

There will always be people you forget easily and some who will mark you forever. In this case, you will never leave the relationship without any damage in yourself. Even years later, when you thought you were over him/her, some emotions will surface again.  “I was sorting some old coats that I planned to throw away, and suddenly, a little piece of paper came out of a pocket of a coat. I recognized immediately the ticket of a play I went to see with one of my ex. He was someone I was madly in love with, but for some obscure reasons, he just left me with my heart broken into pieces. It was four years ago, but the sight of this ticket made me burst into tears” recalled H., 30.

Is there someone you had a hard time forgetting about? Do you consider him/her as a part of your life you will never forget?


6 thoughts on “I felt you long after we went through

  1. I can definitely relate to “M., 29” except that I haven’t called someone by his name yet. It took me a year to move on but down the road I believe that those little reminders, just like “H.’s ticket to a play”, will scratch open the scar.

  2. H.’s ticket to a play is the reason why I get rid carefully of all the things in the past, except gifts from the ones I love, April.
    Thanks, Swissabel !

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