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Down by the water


I’m back in one piece from my holidays. Each year, with the light of my life, we use to go for two weeks abroad, generally in the South of France, just to chill and to spend time together. During the year, it’s quite difficult for us just to see each other because of my job. I travel quite a lot, I work late and sometimes bring extra work at home. And even if we’re just at home together, we manage to avoid each other because of our friends and our family. So, these holidays are really precious to us.

This year, my man insisted we go scuba diving together. I’ve never done that in my life before and I must admit I was a little scared about this. And also, it was during a bad period for me, where I act generally like a bitch. So, I was expecting a fiasco. Instead of that, we ended up in a situation like in the movie Along came Polly  where the newly wed Debra Messing is mesmerized by the diving instructor and leaves Ben Stiller for him. Wait before making any conclusions, I didn’t leave my man for him. The instructor was just looking at me in a non-catholic way and kept on telling me how pretty I was, in front of my man who didn’t bother. In fact, the light of my life just watches me beating cold any pretender with recreation. I wouldn’t appreciate if he intervenes. It would prove he doesn’t trust me.

Would you appreciate if your man starts to bark at any of your pretenders ? And guys, how would you react in a situation like that ?


6 thoughts on “Down by the water

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  2. Modobs:

    I see that you’re back from your two-week hiatus. I’m sure you enjoyed your time off.

    In response to your question, I would appreciate it if my man will at least say something even jokingly, like “sorry, she’s taken” or something.

  3. Thanks April. I did enjoy my time off, but as usual, it was too short 🙂
    Usually, my man doesn’t say anything in that situation, but I’ve noticed he just comes closer to me every time another man tries an approach with me.

  4. swissabel says:

    I liked that movie simply because there was something real-worldly about the wooing in it. Plus, it may just be my feeling but Polly seemed a little out of Reuben’s league. That made it that bit more relevant. 🙂

    I reckon it depends on the level of trust you have in your mate. To be honest, I’ll find it hard to leave her alone. So I’d just lean in/go closer and let her deal with it. If there’s something that suggests she’d like help, I’ll chip in. (April, thanks for that tip!)

  5. I liked that movie too, swissabel, even if the jokes were a bit stupid.
    I’ve once cried for help in that situation, and it almost turned into a fight. I absolutely hate violence, that’s why I prefer to handle this on my own. I don’t want him to get beaten because of me.

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