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Excuse me miss

Aboarding a stranger you fancy is always a delicate matter. You have to find the right words to score, otherwise you will immediately get rejected. But some people seem to have the wrong technic to approach someone. A friend of mine recently told me about her latest disastrous experience with the opposite sex. “We were dancing in a club, and he just followed me to the bar. He told me I was lucky tonight, that I wasn’t going home alone.  I replied to him that I prefered going home alone than with an arrogant guy like him” she said.

B., 29, met a guy who told her he was gay, but willing to make the experience of having sex with a woman, and why not her. “I felt like it could be me, but also any other woman. It just turned me off”  she said.

Worse, some people seem to look just to get laid, and make the same approach with every person they meet.  “I saw this guy at the club who approached every group of women, and got rejected by all of them. He eventually came to me, and told me how beautiful I was, that my father was a burglar because he stole the stars to put them in my eyes, and so on.  How come he think he could possibly score with me ?” she explained.

This reminds me of a guy who used to sit next to me at school. He used to pass a little piece of paper to every girl in the classroom, asking if we wanted to go on a date with him. Every girl knew about it, but he managed to score with one victim (the only one, though). We all felt sorry for her.

Ladies, what’s the worst sentence a guy has ever told you to score with you? And guys, how do you approach a woman you fancy ?


10 thoughts on “Excuse me miss

  1. The worst sentence? I can’t remember but I usually get “Hi, wanna be my friend?” That was ok but one managed to make it sound like I was on sale. *shudder*

  2. Honestly, I just look around to see if any women are looking at me. If we make eye contact and she smiles, I just walk up to her and use this line, “Hi, I’m Tommy. What’s your name?”. Then I just play it by ear.

    The only line I have ever used (that worked) is, “Nice shoes. Can you dance in them?”.

  3. wolfcub says:

    I’m not into lines, but I ‘picked up’ my current girlfriend when, after a fun night of dance lessons, I said to her,”Well?”
    Her: “Well what?”
    “Well, why haven’t you asked for my number already? You’re taking forever.”
    She laughed and we ended up swapping numbers. We’ve been together for 1.5 years. 🙂

  4. I was smoking in a club last year when this guy approached me with this pick-up line: “I heard second-hand smoke is bad for your health. So why don’t you give me a cigarette so I can join you.” I obliged and gave him one, but I was totally turned off thinking why can’t he buy his own.

  5. Sameer says:

    iM GAY BUT THESE LINES Can work with strait people to..it work with me everytime…

    Me: Hey…not sure if it was u…but…hmmm…ok forget it..

    Him: Sorry? Dint get u…

    Me: Sorry, not sure if it was you…guess it wass some 2-3 weeks ago…i was drunk…guess you too were drunk…and…ok..im not sure….but i think we’v had sex before…

    Him: Not sure if it was you….but i think i liked it!

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