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Let’s wait a while (or not)

 Here the 5 cents  question of the day: to sleep or not on the first date?  The answer to this question has considerably evolved nowadays. Those were a time where a woman shouldn’t sleep on the first date with her partner if she didn’t want to be considered as an easy woman or a slut. But now, I observed that some women couldn’t care less of that, and just follow their instinct/envy.

B., 34, told me she normally doesn’t sleep on the first day, but makes sometimes an exception. “It depends on the guy , on the situation, and also on how long I didn’t have sex”  she said. “Once, I was invited by this guy who was incredibly sensual. You could see it by his attitude, and during the whole evening, I was wondering how it will be with him in bed. So when he asked me to follow him in his apartment, I just accepted. And I didn’t regret anything at all” she smiled. “It wasn’t a one night stand. We stayed together during three months. I liked him, but it wasn’t love between us”  she added.

B.’s lucky, because not every man call you back after spending the night with you (some women don’t either) . “I made the mistake of yielding to his advances, even if I didn’t want to sleep with him. And to my surprise, he didn’t call me after that” H., 32, said. .N, 30, has another tactic. “When I spend the night with a guy I just met, I leave him while he’s still sleeping without giving him my details. I’m not disappointed by doing so” she said.

Some women become so sour after an unfortunate experience like this that they refuse to sleep on the first date anymore. “I was systematically fooled before because I couldn’t say no. So, I decided that, if the man likes me, he could wait for another date or two to sleep with me” H., 32, said.

One of my friends refuses to sleep on the first date, and she has a valid argument for that. “The guy who can’t wait is just not worth it” she said. “And also, why do we rush things like that ? Everything is better when you can wait, it doesn’t  apply only  to sex” she added.

So, ladies, do you sleep on the first date, or do you wait? And guys, would you call back a woman who accepted to sleep with you on the first date?


10 thoughts on “Let’s wait a while (or not)

  1. Actually, I just commented to say I just read the post. And I am relieved that you said I am on the romantic team 😉

    Damn it! People say I have less EQ..

  2. lovetips4all says:

    I have never done that but I think it would be very unlikely when I hardly know the guy unless I’m so attracted to him. Then, I would still prefer to wait, as that will add more mystery, anticipation and excitement for both of us.

  3. lovetips4all says:

    I know I’m brutally honest all the time, and tact is a skill I need to develop more. 🙂

    I love to read your posts. It’s provoking and darn funny.

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