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Get a grip

Some women dream about the day they’ll marry. In fact, they are the vast majority. Almost every woman I meet tells me she wants a fairy tale wedding and that everything has to be perfect on the D-Day. So, I see no other explanation why it takes so long to prepare a wedding, given all the details you have to think about.

I read  recently a strange article in this magazine about those women who already planned everything for their special day without even meeting yet their groom. A bit like Toni Colette in Muriel’s wedding, who just takes her dream for reality.

I’ve met some of these women. Sometimes, it doesn’t go far, sometimes it goes. I still remember this girl back in my college years who was already looking for her engagement ring although she didn’t have a fiancee. She had a precise idea of what she was seeking, and settled for one. There was no way she would accept her future fiancee to offer her another one, she told me.

Another one I met years later has constituted a book with all the references for her future wedding.  She had the location, the dress, the menu, the church, everything but the groom.

I still wonder when these women would eventually meet the man of their dream if  he won’t be tempted to run straight away. There’s something frightening in this. Like if you were just the missing piece of the puzzle or something like that.

Personally, I would run away if I meet a guy who already planned our wedding before even knowing me. Would you appreciate this ?


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