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The rock’n roll queen (hum)

Vanessa entitled me Rockin’ Girl Blogger. It started from there.

So she must be right 😉

I have the honour to put this on my blog, and I’m not gonna deprive myself from it 😀


This reminds me of what I always hear about me when I say I like bands like Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails and so on… People who don’t know me always seem surprised by my taste for music. “What? But you don’t look like a typical listener of those bands” is the sentence I always get. Why ? Do I look like a nun ?

Not at all. I don’t dress like an Emo either.

But the truth is people get fooled by my personality. As I don’t say much about myself, it’s always a surprise when I accidentally reveal my preferences.

Who should I tag as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger? Aaah, that’s a difficult question. The ones I know don’t blog. So, fellow blogging ladies who like rock ‘n roll, stand out, and you will get this title if you’re nice with me (just kidding) 🙂

EDIT: According to Vanessa, Rockin’ Girl Blogger can be accorded to cool girls too. So, I should tag every girl that participates to this blog, April, Alluring Butterfly if you’re still listening, Apples H, Shae, and WishBoNe (because Asian girls rule!). Get your nifty badge!


32 thoughts on “The rock’n roll queen (hum)

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  2. For sure,WishBoNe. At the risk of sounding offending, emo girls don’t necessarily breath the joy of living. Listening too much to certain groups like Nine Inch Nails can have a depressing effect, I guess.

  3. Hehe, nice one. I think though that it doesn’t matter so much if the people you tag are into rock music. ‘Rockin’ is just another word for cool. 🙂

  4. frauke says:

    yeah ! we rock ! 😀
    you told us a few days ago, i ll now finally add the button to our blog…

  5. Ok, I must have missed out this. Hee. I’m still editing the blog at my new site. Hope I won’t forget that I’m a Rockin’ Girl Blogger 😛

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  7. The term “Rock” is to be used for those of us who actually LISTEN to ROCK! It is NOT another term for “cool”…

    Rock bands are defined as: Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Hanoi Rocks, Sweet, Queen, etc.

    There are many different styles of rock – Nine Inch Nails, Tool and other bands in that genre (including Green Day) are much more “alternative” than “rock”!

    You want Punk?! Listen to the Sex Pistols
    You want Rock?! Listen to Ozzy.
    You want Alternative? Listen to Nine Inch Nails

    Trust me – I know what I’m talking about. I’m a glam girl…. I’ve heard it all and researched it and studied the different types and styles.

  8. Um, Jazz….. I think you’ll find that it is another term for “cool”…

    Maybe you come from a different culture than the ones that use it that way, but I’m not wrong…

    The word “rock” is not exclusive to music or geology.

  9. i’m sure you don’t look like a nun for christ sake!
    emo’s,fake rockers and all’s all one big crap.

    it’s just very trendy and popular in our age..yeah.
    like we’re sooo borred and we must invent somethink new every month and every time more iritating and annoying.omg.
    i like emo music.but..
    i dont think that “true”emo’s enjoy that really
    for them styling is more important then music

    and that’s sooooo wrooong

  10. Hi, Ellie.

    Thanks for stopping by. What I was saying is just a critic to those who are astonished by my choice for music. I don’t think you have to dress like a nun or an emo to appreciate emo rock and other musical genres. You are right 😀

  11. i couldnt agree with you more. people shouldnt stereotype you under what type of music you listen to.

    What? But you don’t look like a typical listener of those bands” yea, its like, do u have to look a certain way? i like underoath, and fob, and patd and tao. do i have to look like pete wentz? no, well it also helps that im a girl too lol. but yea, just droppin by with my opion

  12. Hi, Tatum!

    Thanks for sharing my point of view. I recently read an interview of the lead singer of Tool,, where he just underlined more or less the problem.
    Of course, you don’t have to look like Pete Wentz to listen to fob. It’s ridiculous to mimic the bands you love. It just proves you have zero personality.
    Thanks for stopping by 😀

  13. Hi, Betrayal_666!

    These girls have the right to wear the clothes they want. They probably think there’s nothing wrong with them 😀

  14. gypsygirl says:

    I came across this post and thought would put my two cents in. I agree, rocking can be used for just an uber cool gal/guy. 🙂
    And I totally agree, that just coz you don’t dress in a punk/gothic way doesnt mean you cant love rock! I love rock music, whether alternative or classic. From Bob Dylan to Aerosmith to Pink Floyd..And music is something I keep experimenting with.. I love country music too, and so many random songs I end up listening to! To make it short, just wana say, it shouldn’t bother you! Ignore the typifications, and the typifiers!( lol..i wonder if this word exists!) Be yourself, and love yourself, whether emo or a nun, coming to which I believe you are neither! 🙂

  15. Hi gypsygirl!

    Thanks for you two cents 🙂 Yes, I’m neither a nun or an emo/gothic (although I really like black nailpolish). I really don’t care what people say in general about me. This was just a rant against stereotypes, or typifiers 😉

    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. gypsygirl says:

    My pleasure! I have always silently admired your blog! 🙂 Now its definitely on my blogroll, coz I believe I’ve broken the ice! 😀 Hope you don’t mind!

  17. secreter says:

    uhm hi..i juz want sum help from u gurls…u see..almoz ol people think im emo..bcoz according to dem i usually dress lyk one..but i am certainly xur dat im 1oo% not emo..coz of diz..i feel lyk im a poser or sumthin’ cud i escape diz situation…

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