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Good riddance

The latest trend in splitsville is probably to throw a divorce party. This has become quite popular in the US, and starts to rise in Europe and Japan as well.

Why such an event for a not so pleasant time of your life? According to the specialists of the question, it symbolizes your newly re-found freedom.

When you think about it, it can be ridiculous, but quite helpful too if you want to move on. I still remember those sleepness nights we spent with all my girlfriends, back to school, when we used to light a fire with all our ex-belongings, and just felt relieved after that. It was like taking revenge on what those little bastards  our ex did to us.

Of course, the impact of such an act varies a lot on how the relationship ended. If you just break up on a common agreement, chances are it will do nothing on you. On the contrary, the more painful the breakup was, the more this ceremony makes sense. At least, this is what some of my friends think….

J., 34, told me she needed to have a “sort of divorce party” 6 months after her partner left her for another woman. “I didn’t want to do this before, because I wasn’t ready, but when the moment arrived, I felt like I was starting a new life”  she said. “I didn’t want to have a male stripper like some women want for this event. All I wanted was my friends around me, spending a good time together . We added just a little ceremony where I burned all my ex’s belongings and I received a necklace from my friends, marking this event” she added.

According to J., there’s an important thing to consider when you throw a party like that. You have to be ready to move on, otherwise, this won’t have the effect expected.

But for some people, this period of waiting  can be really short. “I had to have a ceremony like that just after my breakup. Our relationship was horrible, and it was a relief for me when we parted ways. I felt like a weigh was lifted off me, and that I could now start a new life”explained R., 31.

Does this ceremony really help you to move on ?


4 thoughts on “Good riddance

  1. startingtoday says:

    I’m going through a divorce, and throwing a divorce party doesn’t seem like the right way to go, at least for me. It would just draw more attention to what’s going on. And really, it’s not a celebration. Things didn’t end badly, we just weren’t right for each other. And there’s a child involved. How would my child feel if someday, digging through my photo albums, she found pictures of me partying over the divorce with her father? Knowing I was probably saying negative things about him, and celebrating that I wasn’t with him? Though she’s young, since there’s a child involved, this is all different. It’s not about me. It has to be about making sure the transition for her is the best that it can be. Throwing a party to bash her dad is not in her best interest.

  2. Hi, startingtoday. Thank you for your point of view. There’s a huge part of revenge in this act, so I can understand you. It’s great how you consider your children’s interest. Not every mother thinks your way, unfortunately 😦

  3. I remember reading decades ago in People Magazine about Angela and David Bowie’s divorce celebration. I must have been nine at the time. Anyway I thought it quite unique..and strange. That’s when I realized famous people weren’t like us! lol

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