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Thanks for the memories

Whether you want it or not, every past relationship you had leaves you with some memories (except if you have the alzheimer disease).  Sometimes, these are painful, but sometimes these aren’t.

It’s curious when you think about what’s left of our past relationships, what we could tell about it now. One of my friends told me she associates each of her exes with certain characteristics that probably won’t describe them at all. It’s just what she remember of them. I think she has reason.

Of course, if the break-up is still fresh, you will only focus on what went wrong. But once the resentment is gone, that’s another story. What can you tell about your ex you dated five, ten, twelve years ago? You’ll be surprised about the answers.

“A can of Doctor pepper. This is how we got introduced to each other” says K., about her ex she left ten years ago. “A car that kept on breaking down” tells H. “The school. We were sitting next to each other. The teacher thought back then that I could calm him down because I was the quietest element of the class and he was a living nightmare for the teacher. It didn’t turn like she expected, though” explained I., 20 years later.

Those little things have one quality: they make your past relationships less dramatic. It helps you to know you have completely moved on from those relationships, don’t you think so?

What’s the funniest memory you have of a past relationship? Personally, I remember a certain towel


2 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories

  1. I don’t remember the funny memories but I do remember them by their certain characteristics: T has the softest lips I’ve ever kissed, E is the biggest liar and cheater, M was a sweet guy but too afraid to open up…

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