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The teenage F.B.I.

As I was travelling back home, I had to bear  the opportunity to watch the spectacle of a couple who was tongue-wrestling during the whole flight. They were acting  like teenagers, sucking the other’s face the whole time, except that they were both circa 50 year old, and that Madam looked like a faded flower. And believe me, the spectacle had nothing to do with the picture above. My sister, who was travelling with me, was disgusted. I just bet with her they would sooner or later pay a visit together to the toilet, but they didn’t.

It’s quite unusual to see situations like these between grownups in the public area. Usually, that domain is reserved to the teenagers. At that time of your life, you don’t give a fuck about what the others think. And I still remember some odd young couples who were making out in front of everyone just to piss everybody.

When you’re older, you don’t act like this anymore. Could you kiss your partner passionately in front of everyone? Personally, I couldn’t. But I was already a very private person when I was a teenager…


4 thoughts on “The teenage F.B.I.

  1. Gee, I read another post where this photo of some 40ish couple kissing each other and the photographer was disgusted too.

    It may look gross when you’re doing that at an age where you’re supposed to be mature. However, I’ve seen a 40ish madam rubbing the crotch of her man in the train. That, was gross. She was enjoying it and laughing with him. I wished they did it somewhere more private.

  2. I don’t mind seeing couple kissing each other, WishBoNe. What is gross is when you can feel the heat growing between them. It can come in many forms, not just rubbing the crotch of your man in front of everyone.

  3. Shae says:

    Great post and fun responses to read. I needed a good laugh since things have been very stressful in my life. Thank you. ^^

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