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It’s none of your business

We always say curiosity is an unpleasant defect, but we can’t help being curious. Sometimes, it’s not a big deal, but sometimes, it can hurt the object of your curiosity.

At my office, rumor has it that one of the freshly-hired journalist is gay. Why? Well, he has a particular taste for music (he likes opera, unusual for a 28 year-old guy) and he’s a bit effeminate. He’s not open about his sexuality like some of my other colleagues, and everyone is teasing him about his coming-out.

It has come to a point where he’s feeling a bit rejected because of that. I feel so sorry for him right now. To my eyes, he’s just an annoying guy who talks all the time about opera and loves to juggle with words. I don’t care if he’s gay or not and I don’t want to know.

This kind of teasing is frequent in my country, but it’s not mean in its intentions.  Homosexuality isn’t a taboo here, because we’re one of the most open european countries about it. Marital unions between two persons of the same sex has been authorized  for years, and we don’t hear much about sexual discriminations.

On the other hand, what I read recently about some cases in Italy is really making me sad. A 17 year-old boy committed suicide because he was accused by his teacher of being gay in front of all his classmates. Italy isn’t reknown to be gay-friendly, ndlr.

Why do we speculate like that on potentially gay people? In this society, you have to fit in the mould. You have to be thin, beautiful, tall, white, married and have children. If you’re not, people will start to mock you, and this can go really far.

When you’ve been single for a long period, and that no one has ever seen you in the company of another person, rumors will start to rise. One of my friends, who’s into that situation, told me about the craziest rumors that circulated about her at her office.”They thought I was dating a sugar daddy I was ashamed to be seen with because I have a taste for expensive things, then they thought I was gay. None of this is true” she said. “Now, to their eyes, they think I’m a desperate spinster” she added. 

Luckily for her, she didn’t pay attention to all these rumors about her. “Work is work, I don’t try to socialize with my colleagues. I have my friends for that, so I couldn’t care less about what they think, unless if it’s about how I work”she said.

But some people in the same situation don’t react as well as she does.  Have you ever been involved in it? And how would you react if you were suspected of being gay?


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