Seven bloggers that make me bow down

I’ve been tagged again, this time by WishBoNe (hey, you still owe me some tags, may I remind you  :mrgreen: ). I’m supposed to list the seven bloggers I admire the most. What a tough challenge! So, here they are.

  1. Random Vandal: Beautiful pictures carefully chosen to be thought provoking.
  2. Passive agressive notes: So funny. My everyday dose of laughs.
  3. Mon blog de fille: A french written blog very useful for women. It’s not about relationships, but more on beauty and well being in general.
  4. Web worker daily: tips for stressed workers.
  5. Big Picture: again, another french written blog. This time, it’s a portrait of America seen through the eyes of a French journalist living in New York.

Argh, I’m stuck. Maybe I’ll complete the list later, when inspiration is back.

I’m supposed to tag seven other bloggers now. Let’s see…

Don’t thank me for the hot potato    😀


EDIT: Here are the final two bloggers I admire the most. First, I could mention this one because, even though I don’t read it often like I do for you, Vanessa, April, WishBoNe, Eleanor, Samiha Esha, Stiletto,…  I enjoy it really much. This guy has an incredible sense of humor, and I must say he has a gift for putting things in a particular perspective. I’m still giggling over that dueling banjos. (Yeah, I know, I have a twisted mind…)

The second one, well, it’s difficult, because in fact, I could mention all the blogs listed in my blogroll.  So, I won’t choose a particular one, but  mention and thank all of you for your writing, your stories, your sense of humor,…


10 thoughts on “Seven bloggers that make me bow down

  1. Probably. I tagged you for the 8 random things( see the cheap show), I think, and for the Rockin Girl blogger (see the rock and roll queen) 😉

  2. oooh you got me back! heh.

    Hmm. This is kind of a hard one. I’ll have a think…

    … and check out a few you’ve listed that I haven’t seen before. Cheers. 🙂

  3. Samiha: Oops, I think I’ve been misguided by all the silly search engine requests I get for Sameha ???? Sorry 🙂 And you’re welcome.

    Vanessa: yep, this is a hard one, given the fact that the list should consist of bloggers you admire, and not the one you simply like/love, if I understand. If it was the case, I wouldn’t be stuck 😉

  4. modobs:

    I thought I saw my name (“April”) but you have it as someone else… that means I’m safe. LOL. This particular tag is a hard one because there are so many I admire/love/like…whatever.

  5. lovetips4all says:

    Hey thanks, I’m honored, but I’m new to this tagging game, what am I supposed to do to link to you other than have yoour blog on the blogroll?

    And I want to reiterate to I have so enjoyed your blog, your writing style and your sense of humor…


  6. April: haha, no, you won’t escape the tag!

    Eleanor: the tag thing is simple. You have to mention each blog you admire, no matter if they are listed in your blogroll or not, then pass the tag to fellow bloggers who haven’t been tagged yet(but you can skip this step). Oh, and thank you again. I love your blog too!!

    Samiha Esha: Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. lovetips4all says:

    modobs: I wrote a post about your blog, and did link to your blog, and some posts in your posts. But I still don’t know how to tag? Or, if my post will send some incoming links to you? Let me know. Thanks, Eleanor

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