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Things aren’t what they seem

I’ll make it short for the last day of the week. What people think of you when they first meet you? Do they get your personality right away, or are they really far from what you are?

Is your first impression of someone capital to determine if you will persue a relationship with him/her, or do you give him/her a second chance?


4 thoughts on “Things aren’t what they seem

  1. I guess first impression is the last impression 🙂 Always it happens that whenever you meet anyone first if your chemistry happen then it happen on the first meet…and if not it won’t happen ever….But it can be not valid for every person but it vary from person to person 🙂

    Nice topic…have a nice weekend 🙂

    Samiha Esha 🙂

  2. lovetips4all says:

    You know, that’s a tough question. I’ve asked myself that many times. I am usually not interested in going out with someone if in the beginning I don’t find him interesting. And since I’m a “feeling” person, I kinda need to have a “good” feeling about that someone to want to go out with him again. But that’s tricky. I know in my past relationship I wasn’t patient enough to give men enough time or second time to find out more about him.

    But first impression could be so misleading. I was surprised to be labeled “cold fish” by a guy hahaha, and that is quite contrary to what I am, but I must have come across like that in some ways or another during the date. It would be interesting to do a survey after each date as to what his impression of me was, hahaha, that would give me some invaluable information.

  3. Yes, Eleanor, the first impression can be so misleading. I still remember my first meeting with one of my old friends, and I thought of her she was such a bitch. But she prouved me the contrary. And yes, it would be a good idea to do a survey after each date to know what he thinks of us 🙂
    And like you, I try to follow my instinct with people. Curiously, with guys, this has always worked :mrgreen:

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